ChantelleWalker_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Thanks guys! I want to revisit the gingerbread house after the challenge and add to it, make it a ginger village :slight_smile:

Day 8: Candle! This is another sketch I might revisit much later, or maybe use fairies in another prompt


very nice study ChantelleWalker!


Thanks, grafik! Yeah, hand studies! Seeing your sketchbook really made me want to try one :smiley:


I’m slowly getting sick :frowning: So I decided to do a really quick one tonight instead of in the mornings as usual. Day 9: Decoration!


Excellent compositions and colors well studied.


I liked this very much!
Like STFVIT said, the composition and colors you made worked out really well.
May have been a quick one, but its a strong painting.


wonderfulpiece! One of my favourites from you!


Thanks STFVIT, POSEIdOON, and grafik ! I hope they both look nice together; I like doing some of the sketches in pairs!

The forums are having a bit of trouble uploading images, so for now I’ll use an exterior link and edit this later :slight_smile: Day 10’s sketch is “Sleigh!” Or at least, a small sleid for children:
EDIT: External image linking works! I should’ve tried that first!

And a compilation of the first 9 days:


Nice compilation already! :slight_smile:


Nice works! I like your stylisation, characters have good gesture. One with elves and shovel is my favorite) Only thing I can advice is to replace the black color in your works with some dark blue, brown or red. It will add some warmth to holiday atmosphere you are building. With black, there is the feeling of tension and suspense, it dissonates a bit. Otherwise, if it is how you see it should be, then go for it! Good luck, mate!


Thanks, Doomov That mood wasn’t intentional for all of them; I’ll do that when I go back! I sketch in grey and then add an overlay of colour at the end because of time

Image uploading still doesn’t work, but external linking does. I didn’t know that :

Day 11: Ice!

Day 12: Skating!

Day 13: Mittens!


Ice and mittens are really good! Loved them :slight_smile:


Mittens is delicious.


Thank you :love:

I chose Presents for this morning’s Day 14 prompt to pair with Mittens:


Some pretty cool pieces, keep it up! I like the brushes you use a lot, the texture is just right - not too much, not too little. And it’s nice to see some funny images :slight_smile:


Very nice work on these last pieces! Like the most day 13 and 14.


Thanks, you guys :slight_smile:

Finally getting over my cold! Here’s my sketches over the last few days:

Day 15: Fireplace!

Day 16: Wreath!

Day 17: Blizzard!

Day 18: Reindeer!

Day 19: Jingle (Bells)!

And Day 20: Chimney!

Only two days left! Time to start compiling everything!


Day 21 sketch: Cookies!

Day 22 sketch: Lights!


I love the camping birds and how you drew fire! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Thank you, Natalie! Merry Christmas to you too! :love:

This was quite a fun daily sketch challenge to do! I think it was made nicer with the official prompt list Here’s all of them together!

Days 1 to 5: Winter, Scarf, Merry, Santa, Shovel

Days 6 to 9: Frost, Gingerbread, Candle, Decorations

Days 10 to 14: Sleigh, Ice, Skating, Mittens, Presents

Days 15 to 19: Fireplace, Wreath, Blizzard, Reindeer, Jingle

Days 20 to 22: Cookies, Chimney, Lights