ChantelleWalker_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Hey guys! This is my first time participating in a challenge on CGTalk :)!

The last daily challenge I took part in was Inktober, and it was a ton of fun. I’ll be using Wacom’s prompt list and working digitally. I’ll be posting on Twitter too ( as well as my blog ( Let’s go!

[EDIT] I made a compilation of my sketches!

Prompts: Winter, Scarf, Merry, Santa, Shovel

Prompts: Frost, Gingerbread, Candle, Decorations

Prompts: Sleigh, Ice, Skating, Mittens, Presents

Prompts: Fireplace, Wreath, Blizzard, Reindeer, Jingle

Prompts: Cookies, Chimney, Lights


Yay, my thread’s approved!

I used the “Winter” prompt for the first sketch for DrawCember:

“Scarf” was the second day’s prompt:


Nice drawings! This forest is also a bit fantasy. :slight_smile:


Both images give off a ‘warm’ feeling. The forest reminds me of just two people being welcomed home and the second is just super cute haha.


Very nice painting style.


Thanks, guys! I don’t take the time to sketch characters as often as I used to :slight_smile: I want to use Drawcember to do more character and fantasy-type things.

Day 3: “Merry!”

and Day 4: “Santa!”


you createcharacters very well, I like the last one the most, Santa.


Talking about characters i prefer the second and third ones. Great expressions


Thanks :)! I think I prefer the second one too, POSEIdOON. Making them expressive is kind of a challenge for me, but I think it’s made easier with more than one character to work with so that they can react to eachother.

Day 5: Shovel!


Great expression in those elves haha. That’s my face when I have to shovel snow! Really like how you had just the mugs in color in the painting with all the people, definitely catches your eye.


very cool character design and use of color, like the composition too.


Good and cute drawing with this elfs! :slight_smile:


Good use of colors :wink:


Thank you :love: I think I’ll stick to small spots of colour to have some sort of cohesiveness.

Day 6 sketch prompt: Frost!


Lovely illustrations! Scarf is my favourite:)


Thanks, Sustansan :)!

Day 7! I picked Gingerbread for this morning’s sketch prompt:


Nice ones chanchantellewalker! I like particularly day 6.


Aww, man… That Gingerbread house… I really like this one !
But now, I’m hungry !! :drool:


I really like Frost :). I like your shovel entry as well. Nice work!


This one (day 7) to me seems an illustration for a videogame. Really like it