Channel Exporter Problem


blah title doesnt make much sence, i dunno how to decribe the problem :S

here i go…

i created a model, textured it in segments(material id’s and multiple materials to 1 model) then i used 3ds max render to texture and used the autounwrap into channel 2(as channel 1 had some basic uvw mapping) i then used the “channel info” to copy the channel data from channel 2 to channel 1 and then removed channel 2.

Now… this works fine in 3ds max the material displays properly, but when i export to the game using a custom exporter(my brother has been trying all week to find a fix) the uv’s are all messed up…

Also when i exports as 3ds format it works fine, exports into unreal tournament 2004 fine also!
So im guessing theres a problem with my brothers exporter, but is there some kinda fix i can do in max some kind of uvw reset or soemthing?


ok ones thing i noticed also “1:map” is the uvw data i want, when comparing to something uvw mapped the same specs should also be on “vsel” and also “poly”…


I would say that it is prob. your custom exporter, as it is converting and exporting as a 3ds file fine. As a test, why don’t you collapse the objects stack and then set the autounwrap to map into channel_1, so you don’t have to mess around with the channel info. That will help you narrow your search for the bug in your exporter script.


ok i regenerated uvw data over the top in channel 1, the data still differs, so that doesnt work unfortunately :S


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