Changing the Joint Display



Is there a way to change joint the display of joint? Currently, it is only limited to (None, Axis, Sphere(Wire) Circle and Sphere)?
I would like to have a custom display say a predefine spline object.

Is this possible?


No, it’s not possible as far as I know.


My set-up in Maya for FK controls is have the joints and controlls to be one object (i.e. parent -r -s command). I was hoping this could be done also for C4D.

Thanks Bret for the confirmation.


Nah, C4D doesn’t really have the concept of a shape node. So it doesn’t really work.

The closest you could get would be to use Michael Welters Copy Paste Polygons plugin, and you can then put your joints into polygon display mode, and then copy a shape’s polygons, and then paste it onto the joint. But it wouldn’t work for splines, sadly.