changing rotate order bug


I haven’t found an answer to this, so apologies if this thread has been addressed.

I’m attempting to change the rotate order of joints on rigs with animation already on them. I’m using hamish’s zooChangeRoo which works well, but bugs keep cropping up on the rotate order attribute (which I exposed in the channel box to make dealing with this stuff easier) in which it takes on really high values (4000 and up).

has anyone had much success in dealing with this issue?

jeff cooperman


Hey Jeff, long time no talk. I actually haven’t encountered this problem. Sounds like a mess though. If you could possibly get a test scene to me i’ll have a look at it and see what I can do. Sorry for the lack of help…but wanted to say hey:)


hey remi…good to hear from you…

anyone out there dealt with this? it’s been a pretty crippling problem on several projects i’ve worked on thus far.


Is changing the rotation order the only way around this problem? I’d certainly be reluctant to do that if you have anim already, but perhaps you could approach the problem in a different way. How about adding a null node above the joint with the preferred rotation order and transferring the anim to that? Just a suggestion, not sure how practical that is or if you’d get the results you need.


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