Changing MB 2012/2013 UI to work more like classic MB UI


So I’m currently switching to a new project and going from Motionbuilder 2010 to the new Motionbuilder 2012/2013 UI and I’m finding it super frustrating. I’d like some advice on how to switch as much of it back to the 2011 UI as possible. I appreciate I’m not going to be able to change a lot of things, but I assume there will be some things I can.

First of all, is there any way to permanently change the background color of the viewer? I know I can change this in the camera settings, but every time I open a new scene it resets it to dark grey/black.

Second, I usually work over two monitors, with my viewer and timeline on the left and with character controls, key controls, fcurves, resources, navigator and filters in separate windows on the right hand side, but I’m having a lot of issues with this on the new interface. I can float most of my windows, but for some reason FCurves and Filters (which are the two windows that aren’t part of the default Editor layout), move up by about 10-20 pixels every time I reload the layout. I also get an error on both of these windows every time I load up Motionbuilder where it says they’re both off the screen (even though they’re not), and snaps them back to the first monitor.

Finally, some window sizes seem constrained. Specifically, you used to be able to make the timeline taller so that the time slider isn’t sitting on top of the keys, but you now don’t seem to be able to do that.

If anyone has any solutions to any of these issues I’d love to hear them.

Also if anyone at Autodesk is reading this, can you please add more flexibility to the UI, cause the current implementation is worse than your older versions.


A lot of the UI layout/dual mon. problems were fixed for the service pack just released. Make sure that you and the team are running the new service pack.

@Timeline- this has been a frustrating problem since they switched to QT and it has been requested since before Beta that they make the timeline able to change size. I guess it isn’t an easy fix and I have been told that it is a problem with QT- so no way around this at the moment.

The background color- I don’t remember if there is a fix for that, I just have a simple python script to set the color.


Awesome, that was super helpful! :slight_smile:

I set up a script now for the background color, and the Service Pack fixed some of my layout problems. I guess I can live with the timeline being as it is for now.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Glad it helped, if you find something still wrong with or a problem with the layouts or anything else contact me directly and I will confirm the problem and take it to Autodesk. The service pack fixes were to address some of the problems we hit and there shouldn’t any more of them:)


Could someone post the color change script please, I like the 2011 gray format better.


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