Changes @ Maxon


After 32 years Maxon the Maxon founders stepped down, leaving the company in the hands of industry veteran David MCGavran (formerly from Adobe).

From a very personal pov i can say that i am very sorry to see my three bosses go, we had a fantastic time, but i also see the chances that are coming.
Here is to the future!


And a very personal thanks from me towards the founders, it was a pleasure working with them for the last 17 years.

And a word from the founders


I don’t want to rain on your parting-parade, but C4D has had a huge problem in the last decade with implementing badly needed high-end 3D features many, many years after people first needed them and asked for them, despite the distinctly high-end pricing of C4D Studio.

So while C4D remains the most stable and accessible 3D soft in the market, and a joy to use for everyday 3D, the statement below should be taken with a pinch of salt:

You become future-oriented only when you understand your users’ future needs a few years in advance, and have the necessary tools/functions in the software in place right about when people actually need them in order to create really impressive 3D work.

With C4D the story has always been that what is needed ends up appearing in the software many years after people actually ask for it, limiting C4D’s usefulness to CG production outfits that need to produce really cutting-edge 3D work.

That is not being future-oriented, that is simply lagging behind other Pro 3D softwares in features, while charging a pretty high price for the software.

I hope that the new management understands that this is a serious problem and sets about getting some really cutting-edge 3D tech into C4D quicker than happened in the past.


Björn, that link isn’t working for me…



The editor played some game with me, should work now.


Thx, nice. Loooking forward to the R20 announcement (as should everybody else and wait with balanced criticism until the new version is released - everything else is just wasted time). Do we really have to wait until SIGGRAPH?