Changes at CGSociety


Hello Everybody

As of the 1st of February 2015 ownership of CGSociety changed to a new entity The Art Society.

This change has come about after a lot of conversation and collaboration with the new owners. Our industry is changing at a rapid rate and CGSociety is committed to continue to serve to the Digital Art Community that has supported us so loyally for over 13 years.

Last year we got to talking with The Art Society and found they offered what we believe CGSociety needs to take the community to the next stage.

The Art Society really understands our industry and community and respects that everybody feels like the own a small part of CGSociety so it will be “business as usual”.

The new owners will operate the business steered by the existing team from our Australian office. I will be handing over to to Diego Rojas who has taken up the position of General Manager. I am confident that CGSociety has a very bright future under the stewardship of Diego with the fresh vision of new leadership.

Stay tuned. There will be some exciting new announcements in the months to come!


Personally may I offer my heartfelt thanks too both yourself and staff for an enlightened contribution to the realm of digital art over the preceding years and hopefully a continuance of the same under new management.

Cheers :wink:


The Forum will become like an Art forum ?


The forum admin and mods remain the same, and we haven’t been told to change a iota. Art Society is just the name of the company that acquired CGS.


Dear Friends,

Let me first take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Diego Rojas, and I am the new General Manager of CGSociety (CGS). As you have already heard from Andrew - February 1st, 2015 - ownership of CGS transferred to a company called The Art Society (TAS).

On behalf of The Art Society team, we are thrilled at this amazing opportunity and we plan to not only continue building and enhancing this amazing community (thirteen years in the making), but also restore it to its rightful place as the definitive source of everything art.

I am entrepreneur at heart with nearly 20 years experience in business development, web and event management in the animation and VFX Industries, I have worked on events such as Siggraph, co-founded CG Con, CG Channel / CGTalk among others.

As a first step towards realizing TAS’s vision, I will be joined by industry veteran, Jean-Eric Henault. Jean-Eric created CG Channel back in 2000 with a mission to seek out and promote digital artists. He also co-founded CGTalk in 2002, created the ADAPT Conferences in Montreal from 2006 to 2008, and later co-created the CG Con conferences (along with myself).

As co-founders of CGTalk, over a dozen years ago, we are thrilled to once again be part of something specifically designed to advance the careers of digital artists. The pillars of this site are inspiration, information, education and recruitment. Jean-Eric and I are privileged to be rejoining this exceptional family that is CGSociety, and for the opportunity to help push this remarkable site to the next level. Additionally, we are working behind the scenes — on several fronts — to improve the community, and to help digital artists advance their careers. And even though we have a lot of ideas about how best to do this, we welcome yours too! Think of us as an “inclusive team”, we are looking forward to hear your ideas.

Beyond this, we are incredibly excited about the possibilities lying ahead of us, and our team cannot wait to work alongside you, and build an even stronger community!

Please feel free to address any questions or concerns directly to me at


The Art Society’s FAQs


I’m excited to see what the future holds for the CG community as a whole.

But, the most burning question for me is…

Where’s that darn CG Challenge at?


We’re working on it… :slight_smile:


Someone needs to brief the new management on how to properly handle cryptic challenge talk in public threads…
Leigh? A proud heritage of messing with people’s heads is at risk here!


Congratulations guys! :beer: To all of you!


Congratulations and all the best for the future.


It is very good to see you and Jean-Eric back at it – building the CG community – and I know we will be seeing some great things from CG Society and The Art Society.


Sounds exciting. I wish you guys all the best. I sure do love me some CGTalk.


all the very best, should make an interesting few months coming up then. intregued about the new challenge being worked on though.