change color of a key ticks in the timeline


i find the mel command to change the color of a particular key ticks in the timeline


No cmd … Gotta change it globally in the prefs under colors…


i find a command to change the color of a key ticks in particular and let the other key ticks with the base color.
they are the keyframe -tds on
but what i find is a command where i can choose the color to mark my breakdown, secondary breakdown, anticipation , …
escuse my english


at the autodesk area site… there is a set of scripts for “animation layers”…they appear in the render layers toolbox section of the maya gui…it uses green tic marks…so there must be a way…shoot, I just realized that the creator distributes that via some sort of new secure link for mel scripts and api plugins…I am not sure you can see how they did it. But it is pretty cool to have that layered concept to animation keys.


I’m hijacking the thread a little bit here, but is there a command to change the color of your Action/Title Safe display, or does it function like the tic marks, being a global pref?

I’d been planning on trying to figure it out myself in the next couple days, so this post caught my eye.

If no one knows, no worries, I can post the results of my investigations as soon as I get to them :thumbsup:.



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