ChamferMaker. Hi there))


I have the same problem with my R9.1. On R9.6 demo version, it’s working nice. Are you using R9.5 or R9.6 ?

Anyway, thanks to Antosha Marchenko !


thanks for that great helper!


Great plugin, thank you very much!


everybody seems to know exactly how this plugin works… that makes me feel like STUPID!
I realy dont get it and i’m hoping that all of you who likes the plug can tell me what it realy does! Thanks!


Have been waiting for a tool like this for years, but it doesn’t show up in my plugins menu :scream: . I’m with 9.5 on a PC…


My sentiments exactly. And for being a beta it’s quite nice already. :slight_smile:


I think plugin compiled by me does not work with versions 9.5 and older.


Yep, it is a 9.6 plug and it works here.

Thanks for the reply terryo and Antosha. And, thanks for the plug Antosha.


thanks Antosha! :thumbsup:
it’s a wonderful plug-in and very easy to use.
every architect will love it, it’s a huge time saver.
it works like a charm with cubes and polygonal primitives, without the need to make them editable.

but when i tried to apply chamfer-maker to a cylinder i moticed some irregularities.
i set it to bezier type, processed all the edges, and the chamfered edges are missing.

ps: same results with cones & oil tanks, it’s propably cause circular shapes are involved.

tnx again,


[i]Very nice plugin you have made, Antosha. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:



Antosha, ocheny harasho (odlichno)! Spasiba! :thumbsup:


I think that’s because of Cinema’s annoying habit of not welding the caps. Check the “And Open Edges” box and you’ll see what I mean.


i got your point AdamT.
Annoying habits can’t spoil the fun. it’s awesome in any way.
C4d really needs these kinds of modelling tools.
Antosha proved that he is more than capable to deliver good stuff.
i hope precise (autocad or archicad-like) modelling tools are on their way too, among with edge-loops, etc.


You are not alone :slight_smile:

It took me a while to work it out.

It is a great plug-in (thanks Antosha) that chamfers - i.e. adjusts the meeting of two edges of surfaces in a variety of ways.

Hopefully this screenshot will show a simple example of what you can do with selected edges, but there are other modes of operation as well.


[QUOTE=willsud]You are not alone :slight_smile:

It took me a while to work it out.

Thank god…i’m not alone here! Thanks Willsud for your explaining, in time i came up with the same results. But are there more who likes to share there progress…!?


the best part is that you can chamfer all objects at once!
and they don’t have to be editable too!
just check ‘‘affect all children’’ and ‘‘select all edges’’ in the process settings


I still don’t see how I can get chamfers, with cylinders, at the intersections ?

Unless you boole these objects, I don’t see any affect at all.
After booeling, I see some changes to the mesh, but nothing at all like a welded joint.

TIA for any ideas ?


Aaah…now where getting somewhere! I hope you will get a lot of info vid2k2, so we all can learn from it!


I expect this is because the plugin operates upon edges and there are no edges at the intersecting area of your cylinders.


well that’s the best i can do.
it worked for me with these settings on the bool object & the plugin.