ChamferMaker. Hi there))


Hi :slight_smile: )))
Here is the same plugin. Mac version included. Open source too.
Sorry but english help is not ready. (And I dont know when I write it :slight_smile: )

here is russian help

here is russian help translated by altavista

version updated. Now it is v1.0.

  1. Interpolation of radii (see help)
  2. Correct treatment of internal mistakes and memory management.
    Im really sorry, but english help is not ready. I guess Ill make it next 2-3 weeks.
    There is not mac files in new version. But opensource is :wink:


Thanks very much antosha, I was just trying to negotiate the signing in bit :slight_smile:


thanks for this great little helper, very useful.



Yes !
(hope its translated well. -Onlinetranslation-)


Many thanks:thumbsup:



Очень полезно, спасибо!!! :thumbsup:


Hey Antosha,

thanx alot for this usful helper, and thanx for making it open source. Alot to learn here.

cheers mnu


Thanks once again. Great plugin!!



This is something I have needed for a very long time. Thank you very much.

Would it be possible to get a UB version for r9.6 ?

Thanks again for this very cool plugin .


thanx for a great plugin, one thing that I always missed in cinema


Thanks for a great plugin.

Jorge Arango


Thanks Antosha, great plug-in and easy to use.:thumbsup:

Cheers, Alan.


Second all above…:buttrock:

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


LoL, if you play with the settings you can make strange things with this nice plugin too.

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


Oh man, that fits so perfectly into Cinemas modelling paradigm that I could have sworn that it was created by Maxon themselves.Thanks Antosha for your hard work and generosity in making it free :thumbsup:


Would it be possible to get a UB version for r9.6 ?

I dont use mac, and I cant compile for it. May be somebody else.


And … I havnt finished this plugin yet. It is something like beta.

When c4d or my functions inside plugin make mistake and return “false” (object disappear) will be guaranted resource leak.


Well it is a very nice beta…:bounce:

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


I am unable to see the plug. When I open one of the scenes, the plug ia not opening (see the question marks in the image below). The plug, downloaded from the first post in this thread, is in the plugins folder. Any suggestions?


Vrey nice tool,Thank you!