Chamfer problem


Hello everyone,

I have a question to You guys.
I did this hook using ‘line tool’ and then I extruded it.
When I want to chamfer edges this strange thing happens - the chamfer on some edges is somewhat different than on the others. What I’m doing wrong here?



You’re chamfering on an N-gon. The top / bottom polygons have not been divided cleanly and the chamfer tool is using all edges, which gives random results. If you press ctrl+e you should see hidden edges and how they are triangulated. The fix is to either model with a cleaner method or manually cut edges into your current model’s top / bottom polygon, then use chamfer.


As mentioned you’re trying to chamfer the border edges of an n-gon. Instead select the n-gon and extrude/bevel it which will give the same result as a chamfer, but without the weirdness.


thanks guys, it seems to be working!


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