Challenges issues resolved here


go for it


where about people who don’t have video camcorder??

i really want to do this… can some one help??




What if something creepy will really walk out of the shadow? :eek:


when the actor turns on the light, are the turned on lights supposed to be cg lights? or does he really turn on the lights? or is this not big issue just so that when he hits the switch something gets brighter?:buttrock:


i assume b/c it is only 5-10 seconds the locked off shot is the only shot? So we can not have CUs of the actor’s face or other moving camera shots intergrated with the effects shot?


hmmm, and wht if I have no access to an underground area? Living in Florida they really don’t build below the ground (water table and all).

Now if I was still in NYC… but am not. So how else would I go about getting footage?


I do wish it didnt have a rigid camera rule, the flexibility and story telling, even over 5-10 seconds of footage would be help anything that is being done. You could get facial expression, body movement, and not be stuck in one spot. Imagine, seeing a guy walk up to the edge of a dark port in a sewer, looking out, barely seeing a switch… Flipping it, and suddenly the entire sewers come to life… The expression on his face, the stance he is in, and then the pan out to what is shocking him to begin with. Much more vivid then just seeing him walk up, flip a switch and go OMG, and never seeing anything as a result… Why would you need a CG animator for that? Could be shot in a sewer with a makeshift switch.


How about basements? I’m sure everyone has a sewer close to them, but I’m not sure about getting down in there.

NEVERMIND…I read my answer. Good luck to all.


I think people grossly misunderstand how this works.


10 seconds isnt really long enough to establish any tension

are you disqualified if you go over


What about all CG can we use all 3d models? That would help a lot


If I remember well previous challenge, this one about disintegration… there was rigid camera rule, and people used cuts and such… so why not this time?


I’m also confused about the rigid camera rule. Could we have some clarification on this please ?


ive been for a bit of a reccy and found a location id like to use and think i can do something within the contraints


as a directorial decision i would like to go over 10 seconds to have a complete entity rather than a throw away fx shot


What about green/blue screening the actor and CGing the whole set?


rules are rules people…

but in regards to duration, I’ll be more flexible on that… you can hit 15 seconds if you wish.

for those who are confused about a ‘locked down’ camera, that means that the camera does not move… so that you do not need to deal with camera tracking.



15 seconds is ample



im all excited


can we then use multiple locked cameras and cut. or can we do whatever we like leading up to the FX shot and then only se one locked shot?


This sounds really good fun. I will give it a go, but does anyone have any tutorial sites about removing the live action as I have never done that before.

THe CG stuff is ok tho, just not sure how to get rid of the stuff I dont want.

There is an old run down Psycho hospital used during the war not far from here so if I have the guts I will sneak inside to the cellar’s and dungeons,ARGHHHHH…whats that crawling on my back!!! :eek: :eek:


What about the resolution? 550x?