Challenge WIP: rodinho


hello everybody,

i am posting the wip of my great friend rodinho because he barely speaks portuguese, so what can i say about his english:)
well he does not speak a word in english but his work is outstanding, so i am posting in here for him.
he is a 2d artist and a photoshop master IMHO.
this is the arm of his pirate he did a base image of the forearm in 3d studio 4(dos) and all the rest in photoshop.
i´ll be posting his concept work as well as soon as he send it to me ok? the same for the updates.
note: this is a 2d work:)


OMG!!! That’s amazing!!! Tell him I like his work :slight_smile:


thats really good… the details are great
ele pode falar portugues… que a gente entende … (or i hope so)


really REally lovely detail, Cannot wait to see the rest of it. Which is the arm socket ? I absolutely love seeing so many different styles from all over IMHO it really adds some demension to this challenge!

   See you,




Tá Animal!! Dá os parabéns para ele! O cara caprichou mesmo nos detalhes!



ok eb,
here´s the concept art (just a sketch).
hope u like it!!!


Man that is a cool character …the best part is the parrot in the monitor. What a freakin cool idea. That’s gonna be a very good model.


yikes! hey guys cut his head off!! cut his head off before it’s too late!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


this has to be one of the most impressive, original models to date :slight_smile: I love every aspect of this sketch, it’ll make and awesome model if pulled of right, it can really give some umm high contenders a nice run heheh


me likes the setch a lot. really great inking.¸
jsut one thing that sword is flying


Warg, I drop my jaw !!! Very impressive, I love it.
Just one little comment : WORK FASTER !!! … please ! :smiley:


Stunning!! Love the style of the sketch. Though the style of the above image looks very different. It will be interesting to see how this character comes together.
Man, this forums top class!! I’m glad to be a member :slight_smile:


excellent sketch! i especially like the parot in the video screen, lol, nice touch. :stuck_out_tongue:


nice sketch man thats good and i am crying in tears of laughter at pascals comment ! LMAO 10x


Wahooo ! Nice sketch !

I want to see mooOOOOOOoooore !




I’ve said before that the compitetion in here is fierce, but this is just blowing my mind!


I agree with the above, tell your friend that he’s really good! Very nice start!!!



hey wait a minute he has an evil smile, is that allowed checks rules … nope man sorry you’re outta here, get the steppin :smiley:

seriously tho that parrot in the monitor is the best thing I’ve seen so far, excellent style, excellent … I’m in tears over here man


heres another update in the arm.
i must say that this is one of the most creative works ive ever seen. the man, using photoshop, can kick my lightwave butt hard!!!:slight_smile:


that qualifies as really, really cool. :smiley:


It’s hard to beleave!!! But i beleave u :slight_smile: