Challenge WIP: [Daxx]


Pietro Miccia!!

More Stuff and animation test!!





:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

2 days of this thread and no one reply… :frowning: he is too ugly???


nono Mario, he is not hugly :smiley: :smiley: but he needs some aditionnal stuff, read the rules :wink:


it’s a nice character, but you have to read the rules :wink: one requirement is that he’s to be alien :slight_smile:


Originally posted by pascal blanché
nono Mario, he is not hugly :smiley: :smiley: but he needs some aditionnal stuff, read the rules :wink:

oks this is a reply at last!

in this forum for have a answer this is the method!!!

any other tips or critique?



ok Daxx I’ll try to make this clear did you read the rules?

umm better yet let me post them here since you missed the link :wink:

the final rules for this first challenge are

  1. Male (you got that)
  2. thin and tall (you’re character is neither thin or tall)
  3. Alien like (he’s human)
  4. Big hands and feet (you character has proprotioned feet and hands)
  5. a tail (he has none)
  6. Pirate themed (the only thing piratey about him is his fencing sword and hat)
  7. A Prosthetic part (he has none)
  8. an item in hand, like weapon, magic item or spoon (?!) (you got that his sword)
  9. friendly looking (you got that)
  10. wings optionnal (they can be organic or mechanic )

when you comply to the above rules then you’ll get proper crits, otherwise this piece of work belongs in the 3D Artwork forum…

I hope you got it :wink:

good luck



oks I understand

please if it is possible to move my post in the 3d artwork section and change the title in Pietro Miccia Update (Pose)



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