-------- Challenge Winner Gallery Comments--------


Post here your comments for the CHALLENGE WINNER GALLERY (link) gallery.



Great job Roberto! It’s a lot nicer having all the contest entries in one spot.Thanks for that and to those who suggested. :beer:


glad to see it finally updated…

looking over it 3 things came to mind:

  1. i didn’t even know there was a ‘heavy metal’ challenge, i must have been somewhere else…
  2. i either completely forgot or didn’t realise i won best bust in the self portrait challenge

and most importantly

  1. i want more star wars challenges…lol


changed my server and see that I need to reconnect some pictures :slight_smile: - cool Roberto, I was looking for the winners of one of those and took me a while before hehe


Thanks Roberto, really caps this forum off nicely.


thanks Roberto, It’s great to have all winners in one gallery it’s wonderful to see those wonderful works!
Just one thing… the link to my entry in challenge 30 is link to wrong image ! that’s not my collection but NADERAD one :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting up the winners gallery Roberto, but once again I got over looked in the 30 models in 30 days challenge. I had a total of 38 models and a high score of 98.


I will fix that in the morning.


thnks again Roberto !


Keep flowing :applause:


Thanks Roberto