Challenge closing soon!


OK Everyone,

Time is rapidly running out for the Fifteenth CG Challenge, “Machineflesh”.

Due dates:

  • WIPs - Midnight end-of 18th June
    All JPEG images are due (including a “Final Image” JPEG)
  • TIFFs - EXTENDED TO Midnight end of Thursday 24 June (was Midnight end-of 20th June)
    Zipped TIFFs must have been uploaded via FTP.

In order to complete the challenge, you must have submitted a JPEG image for every milestone (including “Final Image”), through the online entry form here:

WIP entries will close at the end of the 18th of June, GMT. (So if you live in the US, it’s earlier than midnight!).

You must also submit a print-resolution (eg. at 2657x3636) TIFF according to the instructions here:

Print-resolution images can be submitted until midnight at the end of the 20th of June, GMT. (That’s 48 hours after the challenge itself ends!).

If you’re unsure as to when a component of the challenge is due, there is a countdown timer on the relevant page. Be careful not to run too close to the end, or you might not make it!



I have uploaded my final picture (zipped) and to check it has gone through i logged into the ftp section again and it says

“If this image is not correct, please try refreshing your browser. If that does not work, try uploading it again!”

my picture box has a small red cross as if it meant to show a picture, i have uploaded it 3 times under the correct name, i turned my firewall off incase that was effecting the upload or the small image box gif, but still no luck…

so did it go through or do i need to upload it again?


I’ve worked on my machineflesh entry for the whole week now, and I’ve put my homework away to be able to complete this… Now, when I wanted to entry my last Milestone, the section was closed… :cry: Is there an ability unless to entry them… :shrug: …?

Please give me the ability to upload it unless… :bowdown: :cry:


I had the same problem its not midnight so i am gonna put my images on my ftp. its unfair :frowning: i worked 35 hours non stop to finish in time i ll post anyway :frowning:


One very late question.
To be able to post the final jpg image on my thread, I used a fast rendered layer for the foreground.
My question is: is it allowed to use another rendered layer for the final tiff file, in which everything is the same, except some adjustments for one texture (the intensity for the color and bump chanel)?


I just found out that one of the layers in my final composition made a strange black mark in one of the darker areas of the picture, which I didn’t notice because my monitor is dark, and I saw only today after viewing my final post from another computer. It’s hardly noticable but I would like to fix it atleast in the final tiff… I’d like to know if it’s possible, since I won’t be home untill the end of the week which will then be too late.


The challenge closed at midnight, the end of Friday the 18th of June, 2004, GMT-time.

No late entries, the reasons are given in another thread:

Minor tweaking of your final image is allowed, but nothing major. Only tweaks necessary to display at a higher resolution will be allowed, anything else will probably disqualify you.

(Basically, if you resize your TIFF down to the size of your Final Image WIP, they should be pretty much identical).

Voting will be done on the Final Image WIP JPEG uploaded, so you aren’t getting any sort of extension anyway :slight_smile:

Good luck everyone!


I thought this article about machines becoming more like us was appropriate. Not sure if this is where I should put it …


Just eager to know when the voting results are expected…