Challenge Announcement


Once you create your entry thread you will receive a link to the download kit for kit bash 3d. Looking forward to your entry


1.Can i use characters from character generator softwares for the Character Challenge?
2.Is this a disavantage to use NVDIA hardwares?



  1. Can a character participate in two categories at once: Character Art and Render and Lighting?
  2. If I add a global, detailed environment to the character, will it also refer to the theme of the Matte Painting?


15.12 but what time and timezone?


Yes, that would be helpful. What is the last possible moment that we can submit our finals? For example is it 11:59 EST on Friday December the 15th?



Same question here, I’m about to finish my Matte, but maybe it’s already to late ? I supposed I had the 15 dec included :s


Hey everyone we were able to get an extension past the holidays for everyone to January 12. Keep working and looking forward to your results.


You can have multiple entries in multiple categories: yes


Ah Jeez Travis, that is both good and bad news as I am more busy than ever with the holiday season but I may actually be able to fix whatever is causing my light setup to crash and get some more realistic results. On the other hand I might be able to hammer out something with Pro-Render.


That’s kinda wierd. Who requested a deadline extension? As far as I can see those who were actually posting WIP images completed their projects in time.


Oh well, the extra time gives me an opportunity to improve many details and even to create another pose, better renders or even a set. As “Shadowhisperer” says it is both good news and bad news as I and working on other projects too


I was about to start converting my scene from Redshift to Radeon ProRender since we have the time extension. Unfortunately, ProRender does not support a UDIM workflow which is what I used for my entry. :hmm: Btw, this is using the latest version of ProRender for Maya (v2.2.5.0).


Hey guys,

Any news on the winner yet?


Yeah, it has already been a couple of weeks.


I too would like to know when will the results and judging be finalized


Today my friends you shall know good luck!


That was two days ago :joy:


So… no winners yet?


There was already a week ago, although incomplete results.


Hey guy’s we got your back on this one. We just hired a challenge mod and there was some confusion on this one while in the middle of redistributing roles for the site and upgrades. Ill be in touch with maxx today to get everyone set up with the 2nd level prizes.