Chains with dynamics problem


Hi everyone.

I’m no expert at the dynamic.
I’ve played with the dynamics and practised it a lot. I really enjoyed it.

I’ve tried to make the chains and played with the clothFX and FX_Hardlink, which is similar to the proton’s hardlink002 video, it looked fine, but my only problem with the chains is that they don’t connect and link (see below).

I want the chains to connect link each and also bounce off each other.

How do i get the chains links to connect?

Thanks for your helps,

Best Regards,


P.S. Sorry about my bad english.


In cloth FX try changing your stretch limit to 1


Yes…it worked so perfect when i changed the stretch limit 30% to 0.02%.

Thanks very much for that, Neoklassik :slight_smile:


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