Chain of Arrows flowing along a path


Say I have a chain of arrows and I want to use them to show a graphical representation of the direction of the flow of a liquid through a cuvey tubey object. I have a curve path and I have a chain of a straight chain of arrows. Now, how do I make the chain conform to the curve shape and then how do I have them animate along it? Is that possible? I have one way in which I just have one arrow and haave curveconstrained it to the curve and that works just fine, but I want 30 arrows and figure that there is an easier way to have 30 of them without having 30 actual arrow objects in my layout scene. Am I right? Thanks for any help in the matter.



well i think curve constrain would do it. or maybe follower and lead the follower. Aply LTF to the first one and move it along the curve b hand and set the rest of them to follow it.


This might help:

(I think it’s for a non-8 version of LW, but things probably work the same way.)


Thanks for the helpful tips guys. My goal is to avoid having 30 separate arrow objects in my scene. Is it possible to take my one straight chain object of arrows and have that take the shape of the curve and have them move along it in a flow look?


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