CGWorkshop Announcement: Cybergirl: Modeling The Female Form with Steven Stahlberg


     Hello everyone,
     The CGWorkshops Cybergirl classes have always been popular with the CGSociety community and we are pleased to announce that internationally acknowledged, world class digital artist and Maya Master Steven Stahlberg is back to repeat his highly popular Cybergirl workshop. This workshop will cover referencing, anatomy, polygonal framing, topology, modeling, texturing, workflow, accessorizing and joint deformation. Student numbers will be strictly limited to 35 places only. 
     Student numbers will be strictly limited to 35 places only. For more details and enrolment information go to [ Cybergirl: Modeling The Female Form with Steven Stahlberg](
     Course Begins: 26 May 2008
     Course Ends: 30 July 2008
     Weeks: 8
     Fee: USD $499.00
     Registration closes: 20th May 2008. CGSociety Members receive a 5% discount on all CGWorkshops’ courses. Go here to learn more about [ member benefits ](


i’m very excited to join this workshop, but curious as to how did the previous students of Cybergirl workshop, or any other workshops, to shed some lights as to how you find the teaching/discussion/critique methods in an the workshops’ online study environment…

thanks in advance,



Hi Andrew,

From our end, it’s always been a success for all involved. After the end of each workshop, we send out feedback surveys to all our workshop students. Their responses let us know what they thought of the class, the content and the instructor while helping us continue to deliver the best online workshops available. Steven’s workshops are always highly informative and highly collaborative while still maintaining an informality that works. There’s a string of testimonials on the promo page…but I can’t put them all here as I’d need quite a few pages to showcase them all :wink:



hello Biljana,

thanks for the reply,

do you mind posting just ONE example of ‘before and after’ work of the students, just to illustrate the progress…

it might be a good promo tool also like those in college catalogues :surprised and especially for skeptics out there like me, but please don’t get me wrong, i don’t have at all any doubt with Mr. Stahlberg’s ability artistically and technically,

what i am curious is how does an online study environment might(?) affect the learning process if you get what i mean

all in all thank you for your kind attention,

best regards,


Hi Andrew,

We don’t have any before and after examples of student work as that would involve privacy issues and copyright. If you’d like to email Steven directly about your questions he can be contacted using stahlberg at yahoo dot com

The CGWorkshops online learning envirnoment is enriched by constant contact with all the students and with Steven. You can view all your classmates work and posts, something that may not be available to you if you were present in a class face to face. Also, all of this can be done from the privacy of your own home without having to physically ‘go’ to class. You can ‘go’ to class anytime and stay as long as you like.

I hope this helps you in some way :slight_smile:



enrolled :buttrock:

hmm but i havent receieved any confirmation email… so how long does the confirmation process usually take? not instant?

oh well, waiting impatiently…

thanks for the kind attention so far Biljana



anybody joining the workshop has receieved the follow up email containing the password and link to the private forum?


nevermind, just got it! woohoo

thanks :applause:


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