very good place here,Jerry


a totally car ,can move and stop when its green light or red light . can turn automaticly when at a cross , and can change velocity randomly . not run out of the road .

shortly i want write a car and put it into scene , and it will show like a real car , many cars …

or maybe a totally monkey or any otherelse ? more difficult than a car .


What would be challenging is to create a script that allow you to do karaoke freely in 3dsmax

a script that import a file call SSA\ASS to 3dsmax and allow the user to perform effect on it.
Someone has done this for After Effect wonder if is possible to do it for 3dsmax?


i know this is the wrong pplace but where can i get specifications on hardwares for 3ds max.
i am having a problem on which one to buy, right here there is only a nvidia geforce here which is 256 but no nividia quadrofx

i need advice


Hey… umm I have a question and I wonder if anyone could help me out…

I was wondering if you need any drawing skills to become an animator (my drawing skills are very poor) and I was wondering if I use Maya 6.5 and learn the program if that would help me eventually with any other program that I might have to use (once I go to school for it).

Well thanks for your time!

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I´m currendly working on an Blender like “layer” management of objects. Maybe this is an interessting topic??


hello othoap, if i understand you correctly you want to draw a circle on a surface? as already stated you could use ‘autogrid’ or you could use my neat and nifty ‘circle3points’ scripted plugin.

download from:


So Mr Tea monkey (aka:erilaz),

Any chance of re-vitalising the CGTalk Maxscript challenge? or have you been to busy with the Commonwealth Games LOL things must be much busier in Melbourne then I remember!
I could do with another distraction from real work!


Sorry j-man, I know there’s been a lapse! I’m trying my best to revitalise the maxscript challenge soon, especially since Bobo has released his new DVDs. Keep it with me, and i’ll get onto it.

So much on right now (and no, not the games!:D)


Yea i know, everyones been a bit busy I think. No need to apologise, I’m just keeping it alive by showing some interest < :


How about a script for clearly and consisely showing memory consumption in scenes?

Things that could probably easily be calculated:

Geometry, (with optional skin data, morph targets, uv channels, selection sets, vert colours etc)

Bitmaps (including all commonly forgotten slots like projection maps, enivorments etc)

Render time stuff lik shadow maps on lights, the memory required for the frame buffer itself

Perhaps it could be used in a “scene optimiser wizard” way, so that it made suggestions based on it’s findings ie:“use point cache to lessen memory and speed up skinned and mophed objects”


1.lightwave object importer for max 8.0…that also brings in surface selections [materials]
2.lightwave scene loader too!..with lights, camera, objects

i’d PAY for this right now!..

we lost the lwo object importer capability back in max 5…
and the scene importer script is okay but OLD and not supporting lw8 capabilities
[layered object files]

this should be ‘up there’ in the must do list.


since this thread got dusty for some time, i’d like to suggest a script. not that it was a totally unique idea…

a script which creates parametrical buildings with different types of buildings like flats or skyscrapers and automatically aligns them to the edges of a selected polygon. an automatic creation of mat-IDs and UVs would be helpful to allow a quick texturing (like mat-id 1 for roofs, mat-id 2 for walls and so on…).
although we have greeble, its ouput is quite limited and unpredictable and looks good for sci-fi purposes. what do you think?


Not sure if this would qualify for a script war, but I know that I would love to be able to do this:

what I want is a script that will work in Poly mode, that will select every OTHER face, similar to rings and loops, except work with faces… and select every other face. That’s it. Seems simple enough, but what do I know about scripting… ha

Of course if this script already exists… someone throw me a bone :smiley:


Of course if this script already exists… someone throw me a bone :smiley:




Maybe this could be something for the challenge:
I’m looking for a simple script, making
the “Mesh Explode” editing function of
EditMesh available as a modifier, also
taking selections into account.

Also other EditMesh/EditPoly-functions
could be nice as modifiers …

Thanks, Rob


And… we’re back. Sorry for the long hiatus people, it’s been a busy weird time. I’ll be endeavouring to get this back to a weekly basis, especialy now we have some sweet new functionality to play with in Max 9!

Keep on scripting… :slight_smile:


Hear, hear!

I’ll enter this time around, I was kinda lazy with the other challenges :blush:


I wanted to get some feedback on the participation level for the challenges. What is keeping more people from having a go? The possible reasons i’ve gone over are:
[li]A week isn’t long enough. You have no time to commit to a weekly.[/li][li]Someone posts a really good solution to the challenge, and the motivation to finish yours is gone.[/li][li]The challenges aren’t challenging enough or are too challenging for you.[/li][li]The challenges aren’t practical or interesting[/li][li]Not enough people are aware the challenge exists.[/li][li]There is no award system or motivating factor to complete the challenges.[/li][/ul]Some of these I have solutions for, but I need some feedback from you guys about why you think the participation is low.



Someone posts a really good solution to the challenge, and the motivation to finish yours is gone.

This is the reason why I didn’t participate this time. wahooney was far too fast. Maybe you can lock the topic for a few days so nobody can post?

And maybe the challenges need to be more experimental? So there are really different approaches possible?