Looking for some more suggestions for the maxscript challenges. I’d like to get another one going soon ish.


I’d always liked to have a scripted clone like tool, with an interface to control clones (like the clone plugin) but still the possibilty to manually offset a certain clone.
So 1 a flexible clone tool.

A flexible sanity check script which you can feed a customisable (is that a word!?) xml or somesort of ini file.
So 2 a preflight check tool

And 3 a menu framework to control the building and removing of scripts and menu items.

I know the last 2 are somewhat production specific, but it would still be interessting to see what people come up with.

My 2 cents,


The new challenge is up:

As an aside, please don’t be discouraged that I don’t take on all suggestions. I do read and review all of them and try to incorporate elements, but some of the challenge suggestions are a little too specific and difficult for people of all skill levels to tackle.

If you think we need to have request-specific challenges occasionally, I’m more than happy to accomodate.


Maya-like Slice Edge Ring, if you’ve ever seen this bad boy in action you’d even consider change to Maya!
I just saw a video of this guy highRes modelling with this tool. It takes Max a number of clicks to cut in a edge loop at precise point.
Checkup this youtube video at 1:00 for and example


How about now Mr Bobo has kindly created some excellent Particle Flow scripting Tutorials we have a Pflow script challenge?


what about custum render element… let say Z depth but to light ot to object not to camera
any wai what element is not important, to do the pass it self id chalange


…sorry, wrong area lol


Any chance for any more Maxscript challenges?

Maybe like growing plants, a bombing/movie scene (simplified, etc.), weather effects, etc?


how about picking this old gem up again?
i learned a lot from it and i bet others might want to participate as well
not to speak of the benefits for simple users and the added pr


Some possible ideas, especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up,

-Make a procedural snowman (might be easy, but would also be fun :slight_smile: )

-Make some type of procedural weather effect

-some type of camera rig/camera shake setup, etc.

Just some random ideas :smiley:


Hi guys,

I’m swamped this month but i’ll try to put up a challenge next week.


How does it look like, will there be any more Challenges ?
I really like to enter, though it´s really a great learning possibility ! :slight_smile:


Yes a new challenge would be great !


i’m not sure if anyone has suggested this but is it possible to script something for the camera movement so one could move around in a scene like in a 3D FPS game. aim with mouse and move/strafe with keyboard… recording the movement of the camera at the same time…


hi , i’m new here so i dont know if its a right place to send this post .
The created script has ability to build character skin in about 7 minutes, it can slice each part of the character to be replaced by the mesh of its bone part.
please give me your feedback (sorry for bad English)


I failed to understand How do you compute the envelope’s soft range and envelopes overlapping ranges?


[QUOTE=gabby_ovadia]I failed to understand How do you compute the envelope’s soft range and envelopes overlapping ranges?[/i use skin wrap and add detached mesh to it
with each part script can find which vert is from which part and set 0 wight to strength vert .
for soft rang, skin wrap will do that and its almost perfect and it can be edited if its necessary]


I have a suggestion…

One day i had to make an stopmotion effect, like a Clay morphing and changing the original form. I 've made it manually using one model for each “frame”, and had to animate it key by key manually.

Then i was thinking about a tool with a simple UI where we could pick a list of objects on the scene and the script will sequence that objects hiding and unhiding them (visibility 0 and 1) with an option to setup the start frame the end frame and a check box with "easy in/out". 

This kind of script could be very usefull and there's nothing like this on scriptspot or other resources...

 It could be nice to have this tool as a script, for stopmotion simulation (in 3D) and some other situations.


I read your post, and came up with an Idea that might prove simpler - did you try animating using your key frame method to “stepped” key, ( or even check to just set the frame rate of the scene to 12fps )


Hi Gabby. :wink:

Yeah, i've animated using all the tricks to do it looks like Stopmotion (hold, low fps, etc). :) The results are cool, but the problem is that was not "fun" to manage animate hide/unhide of a sequence of deformed objects. A script could do it much better and more interactivelly. At that time i would like a tool where i could add any objects in a list and "play" it as a single object animated, but "under the hood" it's a sequence of objects.So i can deform and manipulate every frame as a real clay without modifing the poster or previous frame cause each frame will show a single object on a list. 
It's a bit like the RealFlow plugin, that plays a sequence of Meshes...
 But, maybe it's something "too simple" for a script challenge. :)