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And that is appreciated, just like every artist posting images that make up the artistic content of cgtalk are doing that without asking for fees.
Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the effort as well as the consequences of putting up a hosting option. I was merely pointing at the damage it did designwise to the posted artworks and wondered wether the pro’s were overpowering the cons or vice versa.

That I would think would be a mayor improvement, it would than also be possible to use a more designed text instead of the crude white text with black dropshadow (which is chosen probably so it’s visible on any background).

We appreciate your efforts, to bad the copyright text really has to stay.


yeah i understand it has to stay. Its just anoying because like on my image the copyright text is covering my own copyright info. Anyway this update is greatly apreciated copyright text or no.


Hear, hear! :thumbsup:




I think that the copyright text should stay, however perhaps there could be an option of where to place it. Like have a checkbox for “Upper right, Lower right, Upper left, Lower left”.

An alternative is just to prepare your image for this notice before uploading it. Enlarge it slightly and add in a black strip on the bottom. Surely that extra 30 seconds of your time is worth this truely incredible FREE SERVICE that CGTalk is offering.


yeah. The black strip is easy enough but kinda defeats the copyright purpose accept it does prevent direct linking. Anyway no complaints this service is great.


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