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wow thats so awsome. Thanks leonard. I didnt realy check the forums for 3 days and look what happens. I should do that more often. Great job i love this the gallery forums are alive again. If ever there was a wip set up like this i would reuse the code from the machineflesh chalenge. That worked awsome for wips. Also there seems to be and increase in the quality of the posted images. This is so cool. I cant thank you enough. Also someone posted about donations for upgrades this is a good idea but for now theres expose and de’artiste. Thanks again.


oh and how does this work with animations. I mean you obviously cant host them but would they just be linked on a page with a still captured from the animation or sumthing. That would work good but a seperate section or some for of view all stills view all animations would also be cool.


Now just keep the Pser prn out of CGTalk and it will be forever the bestist place!!!

Thanks Leonard. :slight_smile: I like the new look a lot.


The thing with is that their DNS points to one of our CGTalk IPs. does the same thing.

How on earth did you come across this, anyway??


I wanted to uplload 600x600 image. But received that image is too small. Is it the so?


It needs to be over 640x640.



In yahoo.


for some their file is to small for other its to large. I think its perfect. One thing though, I had compressed an image down to under 150 only to realize that it sai up to 500. So i saved with out compression and uploaded. Now it seems my image has been recompressed and lost some of its color integrity. Are the images over 150 compressed. If they are thats great i just wondered because if they are in the future i will compress the image below 150 myself and thus be able maintain more control over quality. Also the copyright text at the bottom. Could that be optional or with a choice of locations or only if you host the image. Just wondering because in some cases the text is in the way of something important or is not even on the image but on the border and thus worthless. any ideas? anyway the new system is great. Thanks so much leonard.


Can be threads changed after submitting?


You can post updates to your image by replying to the thread with whatever update you have. This is only until I code additional features such as the ability to update the original image/post.

At the moment, I’ve set it now so that you can’t change your post. This is so that people will not remove the original image hosted on CGTalk, then deleting the file from their webserver and causing broken links.

The purpose of having this system in place is also for archival purposes. Many threads in the old gallery no longer have the artwork because the user has deleted the files from their web server. By providing hosting on CGTalk, the image will always exist and will always link correctly.

I’m working on more improvements, but these take effort and I can only handle one thing at a time.



wao, fantastic.


g8!! good management from u., leo!!
wondering how could u do this!!!??? :thumbsup:


The purpose of having this system in place is also for archival purposes. Many threads in the old gallery no longer have the artwork because the user has deleted the files from their web server.
thats exactly it. I hate when theres an image you realy want to see and its adead link


Leonard~ Now that I’ve used the new system and some of the initial bugs have been worked out, I think this is a really good idea. I do prefer to link the higher quality images from my site, but I totally understand where you’re coming from by wanting to archive at least one image per post. So if folks want to brows old threads, at least they’ll see what the thread was all about. :slight_smile:

And now that the thumbnails are on auto, even a moron like me can figure out how to post images with the new system. :wink:

Thanks for all your effort Leonard, it’s appreciated.





Hey Leo, this sounds very good. Since I don’t have any images to post at this particular moment, I’d like to know approximately what size can we post. Whether it’s pixels or kb’s.



I’m sure you have a good backup system for the cgtalk images archive?

Because otherwise everything could get lost if the system hdd/software crashed.
It would be a shame to see that happen.

[li]One other cool feature would be a big version image gallery. where you can see only the images in the threats without the text.[/li][/ul]


That text is really irritating, sorry to say.

Check: or

The text is either a real distraction or covers something else.

The thumbnail stuff and hosting options are of course great, but could it please come without the commercial interferrence of the text additions.

I understand the worries about deeplinking pics or abusing hosting for personal gain, but isn’t it a bit obvious that a pic posted on cgtalk is meant to be submitted for critique. And can’t we leave the copyright stuff to the artist who actually holds the copyright to implement a text that says who is the person holding the copyright so he or she can design it in such a way that it does not affect the pic too much?


Suggestion: how about a “Copyright notice yes/no” checkbox?


  • Jonas


Sorry if the copyright text is irritating but it’s there to stay and I truthfully cannot back down on this one aspect. Primarily ,it protects us legally from any problems.

Also, with the amount of bandwidth being consumed by providing this free service, it really needs to be there. This is not something for commercial gain or whatever you’re thinking, it’s going to be a long term service - these images will be hosted for years to come, and there will be tens of thousands of them. Already as I look through the new gallery, artists who have posted updates to their images merely days ago have moved/deleted them and we’re getting broken links.

Guys, we’re giving this service to the community for free - there is limit to what I can do, and what we really can’t give away. What I can do, is to look at ways of perhaps adding a further black strip down the bottom where the text can reside unobtrusively - again, pros and cons, I have to weigh them out, I also have to figure out how to code that. I have SIGGRAPH in a few days time and it’s going to be a couple of weeks before I revisit the issue.

I appreciate your understanding, the copyright text really has to stay.