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You started with 640x480 in 100 Kb and thumbs in 10 K… now everything less than 1600x1600 auto sizes in the process and makes a thumb!
…What a great & speedy coder U are! :bounce:

Thanks a lot for giving us this!, I was waiting something like this to post in the Gallery/Finished Work: 3D forum; too many prople posting right there… :smiley:

And about, man, that’s a twilight zone’s site… tururu :rolleyes:


Wow! This is positively fantastic! It sure makes browsing the gallery forums a lot easier, and a lot more intuitive: “Hey, that looks cool! Lemme check that thread.” instead of “hmm, what was the name of that thread again? click damn, click damn, click damn, ah, forget it.”

Sweetness. Leonard, you’re a god. :bounce: :thumbsup: :applause:


Now if only you could make depense out coffee. :love:


Leonard, this is absolutely great news!

To create a common gallery like this is a marvellous move, and the whole thumbnail/scaling thing is an obvious necessity in an automated, organized multi-user gallery, so I don’t know why anyone made an issue out of it in the first place. Oh well. I think it’s cool. 50kb would be enough IMHO, but 150kb is much cooler. :slight_smile:

Cheers to everyone,

  • Jonas


Yes, this is going to be good! Excellent initiative!



Looks great! Good work, rocks very hard! :thumbsup:



Wow, Leonard, this makes CG talk look much better now. It seems more professional now for some reason.

Great work ~!


-I just wanted to say that I would be willing to pay money to CD talk, a yearly monthly basis if it meant more services like this.


Very cool service. Excellent work Leo.


Good job leonard! Now I can browse the forum eaisier by looking at the thumbnails! Thanks!


Very nice initiative! I know a lot of people who had trouble with this because they don’t have their own web space. Very nice to see the thumbnail before clicking on the post! :applause:

EDIT: I’ve recently noticed that some really great tutorials posted on CGTalk has been “lost” because links of the images hosted on other sites has been taken offline / moved. I saw over at that they archive the very cream of the crop tutorials so that they won’t ever disappear. I think maybe this could be a nice feature to implement in the future?


thx a lot guys, helps a lot :smiley:


I can understand some of the artists’ complaints about artistic freedom when it comes to posting, but personally I really appreciate the new system. As a beginning hobbyist in 3D, I’m not about to post anything there, and browsing the forum is much much nicer. Also, as a person using a 12" powerbook, the image size is perfect :thumbsup: Of course, for images I really like I enjoy seeing larger versions, even though I have to scroll around it, but for the average image having the whole thing fit in my pitiful screen space is really wonderful.



I have a big problem with some of the images hosted by CGnetworks. The problem appeared many times that i was browsing the CGchallenges and now it also appears at the new gallery forum. I CANT SEE THE IMAGES!!! What is going on? It seems like there is no image at all on the thread, its so strange. Can anyone tell me whats the problem?


Maybe you just gotta wait for them to load? What kind of internet connection you got?


I have cable. I’m sure its not a speed issue


Damn damn damn, double damn… It was my ZoneAlarm firewall pop up/banner settings that not only prevented me to see images in CGtalk, but also slowed my Internet Explorer about 1000%
:banghead: :banghead: :banghead:


I think this is fantastic, I definitely like the auto-thumb idea. I prefer to see the whole pic in a thumbnail as I get a better idea of what the image is about. I’m not a great fan of a section as a thumb, personal choice only though, I know a lot of people prefer the section type.

The only problem I could see with the auto-thumb method is images containing any form of nudity. The thumbs would show the whole picture, and we just know there are some politically correct people out there that could manage to get offended by an 80x80 image… just a thought.

Top marks to you Leonard.


hahaha, thats a bummer man, i used to have ZA but then got rid of it after 15 minutes of it popping up ever 3 seconds… :stuck_out_tongue:


This is fantastic! The thumbs are a great idea, the forum is more orderly and easier to browse now.