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Nah I’m just busy coding like an idiot at the moment…



@leonard : should have guessed so…

Hmm, now, another suggestion: All the images have this text embedded on them, that means there is a re-save -after- the 150 kB limited jpeg. So, now that your new code handles auto sizing and resaving, linking to big version, it should mean that the posters should be allowed to post really high quality jpegs (I dunno, up to 300-500kB?) so it will be resaved after the text embedded anyway so there is less jpeg-saving artefacts… The big versions would also be saved for your space and bandwith contraints too, to keep them under 150kB’s or so, but one should be allowed to upload a higher quality jpeg to ensure less artefacts, now that they are both re-saved to Cgtalk’s needs anyway.


Yeah probably. But I need to do something else first…my brain can’t multitask very well…


Awesome work Leonard. Will this just be for the Finished Workd 2d and 3d forums, or for all of the critique forums too? I have been wanting this feature for so long. It will make the critique forums so much easier and so much more fun to browse.YOu won’t be running into old WIPS that you’ve already seen a million times, and you can quickly overlook the ones that totally don’t suit your taste.


OK I’ve worked out how to do auto-thumbnailing and have run it through the CG Choice gallery. Check it out:

More to come. Still coding…


Hey Leo why’s


I dunno. Ask God.


wow, finally you did it! I always tought CGTalk deserved a system like this. Now i can finally see the images without the need of opening any single thread, great! :wink:

one little problem could be that landascape oriented images will look a little small at first sight, and this doesn’t give justice to detailed artworks. Luckily, i saw there is the “auto-link” to a bigger version, and i’m sure people who really care to appreciate an artwork won’t be so lazy to not clicking to a link for viewing it as it deserves…

Just Great! keep the good work :wink:


I just did :wink:


whoa… what the heck?



Well done,… more work will get viewed like this.

Greetings Kanga


All right people!

Last update for tonight, I’m getting some rest and enjoying the weekend. Will fix bugs on Monday…


  • You can upload anything up to 1600x1600 at 512KB. It will resample it down, sharpen it and discard the large image. This way, you don’t have to sample it down to a target size or resolution, the server will automatically do it for you.
  • Auto thumbnailing. If you don’t include an 80x80 thumbnail, the server will automatically generate one for you.

Does that rock or what? :buttrock:



haven’t looked at it yet … but I’ll assume (I know… I know) that we’ll be able to remove images as needed ? mostly I’d be posting WIP’s and then finished product which would be on for a short time and then on to the next.

I do appreciate the effort, time and thoughtfulness on this project… thanks a millon.



yeah, it does rock!
Thanks for implementing the large image upload idea right away.

The fully automated system at its current state will make things much easier esp. for those who are really not much into optimizing for web concept.


I believe the forum is not for WIP’s but for finished pieces, but still I guess they’d be implementing this to other forums on cgtalk…


:thumbsup: Great Job. Thanks. Appreciate it. :buttrock:


I have to say that this is a great new feature
It enhances, my forum experience greatly
also love the way the images are cropped now
whit the bars on the side for non squarish images :thumbsup:


Same here - thank you for your troubles Leonard.
We appreciate it VERY much. :beer:


Holy crap man… I just took a look at the new forum and WOW… that idea is firkin great! and i mean its so funny read this thread from the first post to see how it has evolved…

all i can say is great work leonard… great work indeed man wow i can definatly see this atracting more users and well i mean this is only good for everyone… you really have listend to the people on this… (as much as they were nag nag nag JOKING!) lol

simply awesome! i can see myself really spending alot more time here criting others work!


:thumbsup: really good :thumbsup: