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Hi all,

I’m very pleased to present the new CGTalk hosted gallery. A lot of artists have wanted to submit work for critique on CGTalk and have been unable to because they’ve needed to host their images. Not anymore, this new free service allows CGTalk members to submit artwork for critique on CGTalk easily and gives all CGTalk members the ability to view the galleries with thumbnails. It also makes the gallery far more orderly than it currently is. These forums are intended to replace the current 2D and 3D Finished Artwork/Critique galleries, which will become ‘open’ galleries for people to submit work that is hosted on their own servers.

This hosted gallery is now live, but is undergoing public testing. If you encounter any bugs, have suggestions and such, please reply to this post and I will do the best that I can to rectify and fix the bugs.

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CGTalk Hosted Gallery Features
[li]Hosted Images[/li][li]Easy to use submission form[/li][li]Browse gallery forums with thumbnails[/li][/ul]We’ve only been able to accommodate this because of the success of EXPOSE’ and our other books such as D’artiste and Machine Phase. Thank you for the continued support and growth of the CGTalk community.




Will this slow down CGtalk?


No it won’t. I coded it and wouldn’t accept anything less. :thumbsup:


Sp when can we browse and submit??

Thx by the way!! Cool Shite mang!!


You can submit already. Go for it.


-edit - n/m! I was blind… I can’t find the delete post button heh…


Very good news for Cgtalkers.
From what I understand, the hosted images will have to wait for administrative validation, which is absolutely normal, and for artists that host the image on their own servers, you can start a thread right away, am I correct?? Or will the hosted forum always need submitting and waiting for validation?

Here are a few questions:
Will it totally replace the old -unhosted- gallery forums? Can the two forums be simply merged, with the hosted threads having a tag or something, listed inline with unhosted threads? Will not the two seperate forums increase browsing time or create two groups, one mainly following the hosted and the other unhosted? Did Roosevelt have prior knowledge of Pearl Harbour? Am I asking too much?


Fantastic addition to the galleries Leonard.

Would be nice if we could be allowed to submit a thumbnail with only one of the sides required to be 80px, and the other sides anything under 80px.

But otherwise - a very needed and promising addition to the forum.


Some people asked me privately about why the image is so small…

[li]We have to deal with scalability. Due to the size of CGTalk, we have to be extremely cautious about giving ‘too much’ to start with. It’s better for us to start small, then increase as needed.[/li][li]The design of CGTalk breaks if an image is over a certain width[/li][li]If you want to post a larger, high resolution image, you can by hosting it yourself, posting the small version on CGTalk and linking to it on the description - this is documented in the posting instructions when you post an image.[/li][/ul]Leo


Hey, just wondering what prize i get for posting the first image. THanks.


Hey guys! This is ia very nice feature on CGtalk!

Also if you want a Free upload website with 200k size limit and no regerstration! image can be anysize! ( Hight & width )


Very very good and then you can just Copy & paste the link into the Artwork Gallery here on Cgtalk, so if you want just a tad more space try



I hate to say it, BUT…

This is one of the stupidest ideas ever. I have been trying to post a new thread in one of the 2d forums for like an hour now. It’s such a pain in the ass to have to go back and keep resizing my images into these compressed pieces of crap when I have a website and can easily host my own images. Please, at least put up a forum where we can post the old way with our own hosted images. I personally don’t want my images reduced into non-viewable, horribly compressed, pixilated trash. I’d like to show them how they were originally intended, crisp and colorfull.

I for one am not posting any more images with this “new” system, it’s just too frustrating…

Sorry for the rant, just speaking my mind.

Malachi Maloney


That’s fine. You’re entitled to an opinion. If you don’t like it, then don’t use it.




Couldn’t the Legacy forums be kept the same? I mean, if there’s a separate “hosted” section anyways, way not keep the legacy forums as they were, so we have the option of hosting our own images if we want?



I think this is a pretty good idea.

I mean the worst thing is that people use those things like geoshitties and other free stuff that after 5 people see the pic the bandwidth runs out. I think this will open up things for a few people.

Previews aren’t bad either I guess.

Um… so… yah… Keep coding and stuff O.o


My questions go unanswered, if everybody else understood the details I missed, please tell me so I don’t get left behind :stuck_out_tongue: (You don’t have to answer the Pearl Harbour question)


I like the thumbnail idea, but is there any chance of us generating the thumb… then having the option of hosting in the system or using our own means?

I mean if it is just about fitting the dimensional requirements (so as not to break the layout) then can you just make it a moderated decision to kill an image if the poster makes it too big.

I can appreciate what you’ve done, and it looks great, but you did ask for feedback. I just think that having to compress the be-jesus out of images to the point of artifacting and color shifts is a bit of a frustration to those posting their work.




The following isn’t a rant, but a concern that I’m having in response to Malachi’s post.

May I please ask what is so hard about:

  • Resizing an image so that it fits within 680 x 800
  • Cropping out an 80 x 80 thumbnail
  • Using Save for Web to export to a JPEG that is under a filesize given

You are all intelligent people, either training up to become CG professionals or are already professionals capable of using the most sophisticated softwares and equipment on the planet. You are able to use Maya, 3ds max, XSI, LightWave, Photoshop, After Effects, Shake and more. Some of you are even going to write new shaders and become RenderMan technical directors, coding new technologies far surpassing the complexities of CGTalk.

Is it truly that difficult to export JPEGS to given parameters? If you find it too difficult to post using an online form, with necessary requirements documented, how do you, or are you, able to work in this industry?

I don’t mean to be inflammatory or rude, this is a concern of mine, as I’ve tried very hard to make posting artwork on CGTalk as easy as possible.

I’ve raised the limit to 150KB.



um… so… Malachi Maloney vbmenu_register(“postmenu_1478286”, true); you got some mad skills :~D


Malachi, you can host your own images. No-one is stopping you!

All you need to do, is to use the online form, and in the description section, use [img] tags as per the instructions on the page.

All that we are asking is for you to upload a compressed version that fits within our parameters so that it can be indexed, and if you move webservers or get hit by a bus tomorrow, at least your images are still hosted and we don’t get dead links.

No-one is stopping you from hosting your own images. YOu can do so with the new hosted system.