CgTalk:FXWars! Volcano Challenge VOTE!:4


Hi guys, Roberto here.
I just wanted to say thanks to all that made the fourth FXWARS a success.

I All the entries were great but it is obvious that 2 entries went ahead of the pack.

So lets show the winners!

But first …
Thanks to Samuel Kvaalen for setting up the voting program


[font=Verdana][size=3][color=red]FXWars! Volcano! MasterZap


FX wars : Volcano : L’explorateur

[font=Arial Black][font=Arial][font=Arial Black]BEST VISUAL EFFECTS

[/font][color=red][size=3]FXWars! Volcano! MasterZap[/color][/size]

[color=red][size=3]FXWars! Volcano! MasterZap[/color][/size]

And now for the big one…

Drum roll please

The winner will have the honor of gettting this nifty graphic…

FXWars! Volcano! MasterZap

And of course you can post your ideas for future contests here:


[font=Arial Black]


[font=Arial Black]

Click on the thread below here are the Rules for the current challenge:

CgTalk:FXWars! A Volcano in Downtown Challenge:4

Ok here we go time to vote, please pick what you believe
is the best entry for each category:
[li][color=white]Best Simulation [/li][li]Best Animation Best Editing(NEW!) [/li][li]Best Visual Effects (NEW!) [/li][li]Best Overall Entry[/color][/li][/ul][font=Verdana]Go to the voting thread HERE:[/font]

and come back here to tell us what you thought of the entries!

(Thanks to Samuel Kvaalen for developing the voting page!)

I’ll post the results next week.





My files are mirrored here



Dude! lol, actionpacked haha sweet entry’s


I’m interested to know how you went about traking the CG into the shots. did you use Boujou or some other tracking software, or did you do it by hand in the 3D or compositing app?


DJSmackMackey: For my part it was very easy. There was no camera-movement, only a small jiggle was visible in the footage, so i just needed to stabilize the footage. For this i used the stabilizer from AfterEffects. Then I could rebuild the scene in 3D.

Greetings, Andreas


Master Zap: My god… You blew up Eskilstuna? Hehe… hahahaha :twisted: , yes, finally! Seriously, great work :thumbsup:


congrats to the winner :thumbsup:


Hey Master Zap

Thats a great piece! :thumbsup:

congrats !!! :applause:

all the best



Thanks everybody! :eek:

I saw from the moment I found it (a wee bit late :wink: ) that it would be a very fun piece to do… luckily I was able to do it… of course ever single shot could be tweaked, but it was a fun fun FUN experience to try to do it “in the tiny time allotted”.

I bow to all my fellow entrants, with perhaps a special nod to L’explorateur for his increadibly stylistic piece, but also to all others who participated in this little “challenge”.

Again, thanks everybody, I am humbled and happy! deep bow


P.S. Camera tracking was done in the once-freeware app “Icarus”. I’ll write some details later in my fxwars thread…


Really great ! Congratulation Master Zap !


Yeah Broseph,

Mad congrats!


FX wars : Volcano : L’explorateur

123 MB ? A wee bit large for a quick download, any chance of recompressing with some different settings?



Xcellent work from Master!!:thumbsup:


those were really good, definitely TV quality. I won’t go as far as movie quality, but yall can get a job in TV no problem. Of course that’s not meant to be offensive, because to make movie-quality effects it requires a team of like 17 ppl or more…



Congrats mate!! - a brilliant entry! ;D :thumbsup:


haha, your the only one I know who could start
practically on the deadline and win.:thumbsup: :scream:



Thanks everybody!!

Since it was done in 4 (+0.5) days (mostly pre-deadline weekend) I am hardly offended by that. Every shot is a Quick Hack. Just like in TV :wink:




very good! congratulations!



Amazing work Master Zap, it’s just awesome.

You change the city into a horror within 4 (+0.5) with that Mass volcano eruption.:twisted:


Contrats, wish i could do that in sucha short time! Nice one :slight_smile: :thumbsup: