What will be september’s FXWars’ topic?


the challenge will be called
“The Wave…”

We are still working on developing assets for Invaders from Mars.


Any ideas when the next FXwars will be happening??



Every time I check up on the FXWars forum, I get so pumped and excited. I’ve participated in one or two (it’s always the limited time) but this current one looks so cool!

Anyway, just wanted to give you props for continuing to run such a cool competition and hopefully I’ll be able to participate in one of the forthcoming ones. Such nice work going on here…



I came across this the other day and thought it was just amazing:

I’d love to try something like this (yes, I know it’s extremely complex) but it could be a great idea for a future challenge.



This is a fantastic Idea.
I live in Washington DC and I could film some plates in HD. We could do some animatics to preplan the shooting of those plates.


Awesome!!! I would be keen to participate in this!!!


Another (original, I hope) idea: Making of crop circle. I think it’s interesting one, as no one proved how they are made, the only thing we see is the end result. Modelling is pretty simple, unless you want to use a harvester :wink:



Sorry to dissappoint you


I am Technical Artist but I really would participate in challenge with that idea!


Hey Roberto, any news about the next FXWars? :slight_smile:
I would love to start participating to those…btw that sequence of the taxi chase is amazing :smiley:


Yes! some destruction with cars will be good!


Hey guys can help me out . I am using mass Fx and baking 1500 torus for chain simulation. but after 150 frames is giving Nvidia error. plz give segge.


any other ideas?
lets get this started already!


I would love to smash some cars up.


Ok guys,
we do need some car models.



I have two that I made. Pretty high poly. a 2012bmw 5 series and a Honda accord cross tour. Should I upload them?


Wait wait… Let me first get some footage

But yeah, we can use them
You have rights for them right?


Indeed. I built them from scratch off of the blueprints.


I have a Nissan skyline r33 gtr if we want an iconic sportscar, i can rig it in maya if anyone wants to use it for this.