Timelapse video


lets blow up earth.
with all respect to all earth ppl of course


That sounds SOOOO much fun I might just do it…



It’s a nice topic, but isn’t it already exhausted? Or can it get any better than this? :wink:

  • Matthias -


I see that twister is going to be the one for the next challenge.

Maybe next time Roberto you’ll try something more subtle. Like… “Constantine” scene where a fly is coming out from beneath the eyelid or scarabs from under the skin or skin burning and dispersing into ashes? :wink:


I’ll suggest a “Machineflesh” inspired topic, where the purpose is to make some kind of Terminator/endoskeleton-addition to a liveaction plate of a human.

  • Jonas


Humm that is a god idea.
And I even like the name…

I like how you think…


New topic suggestion:

Missile attack on car convoy.

(such as Clear and Present Danger & M:I-III) :slight_smile:


Just making sure, is there going to be a new FXWar topic on monday, even if The Secret Agent challenge has started ?



Yes there will be…That is why I will wait about two weeks before I announce the next fxwars.


I was under the impression the next FX wars was nuke? I’m guessing this has changed as always?


what the final decision

i wannna get started


“All Consuming”

That alone could lend any number of approaches I think.


Maybe next challenge can be something slow-motion?

Some examples:


Why not creating some elemental war !
That might be fun XD


Some suggestions, just in case anyone’s interested:

Fuel air explosion - With a destruction potential rated just below a nuclear weapon, an explosion caused by a fuel air bomb could be an interesting challenge because of it’s unique detonation method and subsequent devastation.

Shot down! - basically to show a plane being shot down in carious ways. The challenge could have the contestants depicting the cause and subsequent crash of the aircraft.


Any word on what the next FX Wars topic will be?


I’m also curious about this.



Guys go to the HCR modeling forum…
The pre production threads for the next fxwars challenge have been running for almost a week.


Sorry about that Roberto. I’ll check it out.