Even something as simple as a single water balloon hitting a wall. Very little modeling needed. Lots of possable layers to the effect. Jiggly motion of the balloon moving through the air, the balloon breaking, the water, the splash, shaders and materials. It gives people a chance to do more or less depending on ability, ambition and time. A neat looking shot that is 90% FX simulation, start to finish, not moddeling or traditional animation.


Humm you make a good argument for this…

Let me sleep on it.
(I might add another level of complexity to this.)


I’ll suggest a fly-through through a camera-mapped 2½D environment. The environment can be matte painting, photograph, photo-collage, or whatever people come up with. Options are open to add waterfalls, torches, smoke and other effects to enhance the illusion.

Suggestions for environments can be castles, future city, old mayan pyramids, inside an egyptian temple, etc.

  • Jonas


Follow the Bullet

Place a camera on a bullet and do a split composite - top part of screen the 3d perspective with the camera on the bullet flying to it’s target and on the lower part of the screen would be the side angle of the object standing there and the bullet coming into view and impacting the object.

We all love those super slow images of bullets hitting things (milk, soda, spray paint, brick, steel, water, glass, etc). Might be fun to digitally recreate that.



Guess what…
CgTalk:FXWars! Water Balloon! - Challenge:17


BTW I LOOOVE this idea.


How about a challenge entitled ‘Vortex!’

Namely, making a fluid whirlpool/vortex sucking something down.


Like in Poltergeist house vanishing scene?


I’ve never seen that, but I was thinking more along the lines of the POTC3 maelstrom. Of course that sort of scale would be optional, it could be a rubber ducky being sucked down a bathtub drain.


Have we done the twister? Just thought of it when you brought up “sucking vortex”. :slight_smile:


No we have not…

that sounds like a cool idea.

BTW the sequence in poltegeist that i was talking about is here
(Please download it, and play it at 1/2 speed. OFr some reason it is overcranked.)

Rogue wave



I also love that idea! Would be a great one coz anyone can get involved, matte painters (me), 3D modellers, texture guys, effects artists - each different person can just tailor the shot slightly towards their strength. You’ve got my vote on that one. If you decide to follow that route Roberto, make sure you publicise it highly coz i can see a massive turnout for something like that as long as people know about it…talking of Massive, you could even have the fly-through over a crowd :slight_smile:



The camera projection project could be a great idea. Specialy because without adding smoke and effects the scene is lacking of depth. I had a class of matte painting in which my teacher just gave us a mesh of an ancient china city. He ask us to do the texture/lightning/effects/painting. It was a really cool project!


helicopter/jet fighter/missile blowing up a house would be nice -_-


That isa REALLY good idea.


as the twister, a not really “new” idea would be to make a big wave coming into a big city, as ever seen on film or tv doc…
of course the asteroid collision with earth would have a (good)place in the top five, as the nuclear explosion…
maybe a nuclear explosion against an asteroid, who finally generate a collision, and a big wave!??.. :smiley:


I like the idea a lot of an asteroid hit (ala Armageddon)

I might be able to get some footage from cities of the east coast of the US that could be use for comp work.

That means that I will get footage from DC, New York, Philadelphia, and San Juan.

It would be cool if people could show an asteroid hit on their hometowns.



Hi, just a quick question. When will the next topic be up? sorry for being too anxious but usually fxwars topic take some time to be up even after the current challenge has ended. I hope this time it can be faster. Even resources are not ready yet, it is ok. Team members can plan ahead once the topic is released like looking for our own reference clips and stuff.


Well I would love to hear your opinions on the next topic I have in mind…

Here is a WIP+ info of what I have in mind…


Hey RobertoOrtiz, looks good so far. So i am assuming you want to simulate space diving? If you have videos now, i think it will be a good idea. So we can discuss roughly which direction are we heading.