some cool horror topics like:
Missing limbs, the werewolf and the Vampire…



hi all…
in first time I would want to introduce myself:
my name is miodrag and i’m a younger digital compositor.
i’m working for a full 3d movie in italy likely compositing and color grading/lighting.
i know well flame/flint and little less shake/combustion for compositing/vfx.
I have begun nearly two years ago.
i’ve read all thread and i’m interessed to enjoy for next fxwars, how can i?!
I have not understood the terms of participation…where i get?!?


5sense welcome man!

I will post some rules soon on how to join us on the next challenge. :slight_smile:

And to all reading this:
This is the direction I would like to take the forum in:



thanks roberto…
i will wait for…:thumbsup:


Another idea similar to the Transformers modeling, would be to do a “Beast Wars” transformer. The idea would be to take an animal of any kind and use that as the alternate mode. Focus should be on realism. I know I’ve considered doing a few graphical updates based off the old show characters before they went into all the Transmetal stuff.

Or, something similar to Trojan’s idea, for all those who would like to see the Transformers in their 80s incarnations, to propose a modeling contest where you can pick any character to model. Focus of this would be on realistic modeling/texturing along with an engineer’s understanding of how the model transforms.


Should be cool but in this case this is a 3D challenge more than an FX challenge. Making a 3D model with complex mechanical stuff take time.
In my opinion, FX WARS is a challenge to do cool effects and compositing more than 3D.

The galaxy topic or some stuff with particles looks cool to me.


I was thinking in another LiveAction like SuperPowers… something like “Fantasy Fight”, imagine that you are a Final Fantasy (or other RGP) Character in a Fight against a monster.



I think going live action really makes sense for the topic of “FX Wars” yes… fx applies to cg-only movies just as it would in live action, but it requires a different type of workflow, as in what it really comes down to is I think it’s more practical for the sake of these challenges and time frames to create fx on top of live action instead of going through an entire 3d pipe to create an effect. The only problem is getting footage. This last challenge worked out pretty well I think, but getting access to good cameras is a real pain.

I agree with what Jason (bonedaddy) was saying on the last page (a few months ago) ie: stuff you’d likely see in a movie, and like you pointed to that film thread with the vampires, Roberto.

Roberto, you’re doing a good job of making it a bit more specific each time, as to not allow crazy amounts of variation between entries. I like keeping it on FX, not so much the modelling and texturing types of things, but I like the freedom to say we can model an exact digital double if we want to for our story. I don’t think I’d like HAVING to create a really good model to make an entry though. Now if it were a transformers challenge, then sure I see where modelling and rigging and animation would come into play, but then saying it has to be comped on top of some real footage makes it more FX ish again. I think i’m rambling now… so I’ll shut up

–You’ve all seen blasphemy3d’s transformer video, right? :slight_smile:


Yeah, hard to be compared with !


some ideas i like =D
world destruction: city destructions, meteors, caos
mutation: you know… hulk, wolfman, stuff like that
and sci fi stuff: space, lightsabers, ships asdasdasdasdads



Cargo helicopter leaving some troops on the water or in the top of a building. Good chalenges on that idea for certain, not sure how much for the FX guys.


I like the idea of an experimental chopper taking off. Like Airwolf.
Or I might do a “flocking” challenge,
or maybe finally do that Blade Runner Tribute Challenge.



Now that weve just come out of New Year Celebration, how about the best Fireworks display?

You can build a model or a bridge (Sydney Harbor Bridge) or Building (eg Effiel Tower/Tiapia 101) to launch you fireworks from?


Long, seamless zooming shots? like those shots that starts from Earth’s orbit and zoom onto a house, galaxy onto a satellite, or even human onto blood cells.

May be a bit cliche, but it certainly is a challenge especially when you wanna do it without hiding the transition from far to near (clouds or quick snap zooms ala CSI…etc.). The zooming shots from space to the ground from the movie Stealth comes to mind.

Just my 2 cents.


any idea when the new topic will come out?:slight_smile:


The results thread goes live next week.

The new challenge thread will go live as soon as I finish writing the rules…
The topic for the challenge is discussed on this thread:
>>LINK<<. Keep an eye on that thread for updates.


Crash landing can start from Plane to Spaceship.


wasnt something underwater related mentioned last time?

maybe something really simple but technically challenging like bubbles rushing to the surface after an anchor or something has been thrown into a body of water :slight_smile:


Random idea for a challenge? Water balloons. Think of the fun people could have with watter balloons. Slow motion and splashes and popping.


Ok you got my interest…

What do you see?