The next challenge will start almost inmediatly since I want to do a halloween topic.



Any Idea on the topic?

Also, any chance we can get another challenge that is related to space?


werewolf or some freaking transformation stuffs…
or… something like flying brides of van helsing…:slight_smile:


Yeah…! Let’s go! :twisted:

Some ideas for future FXWars, from my side!:

  • A ‘Harry Potter’-like-effects shot… Maybe interesting to have such contest just before the release of the 4th film? :slight_smile: The trailer(s) of HP4 may inspire you… :buttrock:
  • Something with water: maybe a watertower that’s exploding, or that cracks open… (and floods a whole city). After some more FX-challenges you can put together a full VFX-film out of it! :applause: (like the ‘Day after Tomorrow’: a freeze, an avalanche, a watertower crashing, a carcrash, a coasterride!)
  • A new Christmas-Coca-Cola commercial (maybe for around xmas itself :wink: ). The current XMas-Cola-commerial (with the truck, and the countless lights), is really cool and moody, but it may be interesting to think about another concept of this commercial…! With some composition, camerawork and music this could be really cool (and some different of the other topics, that are all pointed to ‘action & desaster’). Maybe a collaberation between the ‘Filmmakers-challenges’ and ‘FXWars’? :bounce:
  • Making just ‘a commercial’, for the iPod or so, so that people can put there full creativity in it! :slight_smile:

Hopefully my ideas are not tó dull!


O dude… I’m totally down with some random Magic Harry Potter effects! YES!.. but dont make the challenge too long… just a month… cuz I’ll lose interest after a while… haha

But yeah… Harry Potter stuff!


I take that back… halloween theme… YES!


Here are some suggestions for the next FXWARS after the Draculas Castle:

- Launch of a nuclear rocket from a submarine which is UNDER water.
The rocket launches from the submarine, goes it´s way to the water surface, the outer
hull gets off and the engine of the rocket starts. The blast interacts with the water.

Lot of effects like fluid dynamics, particle dynamics, volumetrics and some mechanical

- Air strike of a WW2 airplane against a german submarine which is on water
Submarine is on the water surface while a british or american warbird approaches. It
starts firing on it with it´s mg or if it is a british one also with some small rockets. Some
of the munition hit the water, some the submarine. Finally the submarine explodes.

Lot of effects like fluid dynamics, particle dynamics, volumetrics and some mechanical

Within these topics a lot of nice modeling can be done, nice camera movements are possible and A LOT OF FX AND ACTION! :buttrock:

So what do you think? In addition with some music this can become a nice cinematic!



Any hint as to what the next topic will be? Will it be Christmas related?
Here are some ideas incase they are

-War in Toy Land.
-Elf’s gone Evil
-Santa Vs Snow Yeti (boxing match)


Ok here is a clue…




Yes, we get it, Close Encounters, Aliens… UFOS…

POST THE FRIKKEN TOPIC ALREADY!!! hahahah I’m getting antsy!!!


Aliens… Thanks for the ‘clue’ I am sorry if you had already answered the question.
With time off from school for TG and X-Mas, I think I might try to enter this one…


you know i’m not much into sports but like some crazy insane sports thing would really suit this. like a basketball player cramming the ball so hard that the board shatters or like a massive zoom in on the leading car as it blows past everyone. something simple but VERY eye catching :stuck_out_tongue:

hope i didnt repeat anything someone else said, and i apologize if i did

have a good one ^^


I was just watching ‘Tim Burton’s - Charlie & the Chocolate Factory’, and was thinking: what about a challenge where the participants have to design a new room with a new ‘trap’ for a child, and execute it into a small scene, ofcourse with the brilliant Umpa-Loompas?! :twisted: It would be ‘quite difficult’ but very cool! :bounce:


Challenge 13 -Demolition

A new structure is to be built in the spot an older structure is standing. Your challenge is to illustrate the method of destruction, wether by bulldozer,dynamite, etc. and show the building being put to the ground. You can go the route of the las begas strip famous hotel demolitions or the good old ball through the walls. Maybe even a jet dropping a missile on the roof… (wink)
From little house to huge infrastructure your choice of target is free.

How does that sound?! I think its broad enough but still inbounds.




A vast galaxy like the Milky Way, with a volumetric spiral of particles. :slight_smile:

(and perhaps a tiny spaceship)

  • Jonas


-R.Quinn, you have my vote.

I would really like to do something like that, would be really cool


[i]Recently there’s been discussion about the Transformers movie in production. One of the discussion points is about Bumblebee, that he is no longer a VW but will be a Camaro (he’ll start out as an older one and will be rebuilt into a new one).

My idea is this: how about a challenge where we model a transformable Camaro Bumblebee. I’ve tried to model a transformable model in the past, and I haven’t succeeded yet.

This challenge can give many an opportunity to model what they think Bumblebee might look like, and ot7hers an opportunity to come to terms with the change from the 80’s character.

Whadaya think?



I really think that these challenges need a more narrow definition. Are they:

  1. “Effects TD” type tasks – i.e. particles, fluids, and phenomena?
  2. Compositing type tasks – i.e. integration into real footage?
  3. Story type tasks – i.e. here’s a story with an effect, now make it come to life?

All of these are valid, and the challenges can even ping-pong between them, but I don’t feel like there’s a good sense of cohesion to what an FXwar is.


I like your ideas Jason. How would you focus us more? Could you give an example?



Well, following the definitions I’ve given above, sample projects for each might include:

  1. Supernova, demolition, meteor strike, tornado, earthquake, blizzard, tidal wave, avalanche, thunderstorm, dragon ball z-style fight
  2. Face replacement, 2d set extensions/replacements, actor deformations (bug under skin, stretchy arms, etc), actor transformations/morphs, someone flying around, integration of cg object/character into live action, object tracking (e.g. bullet wounds, muzzle flashes, a cyborg’s exposed metal skeleton…)
  3. The aforementioned Bumblebee/Transformers idea, skeletons rising from the grave, trees bending branches down and trapping someone, a spaceship landing, basically anything that you can think of; not necessarily effects-related, more like a mini cgchallenge