Like the idea of the “Match to Live Action” project, BUT wouldn’t the results be highly dependent on the render engine you own?

Not really. I use the standard maya software renderer. Not too much to brag about that render engine. Although you will need a render engine that can seperate your render into the basic passes such as diffuse, spec, and shadow. I think most render engines nowadays can do @ least that. Those are the only passes that I need.

A lot of the project is done in post. I would think the project would come down to your compositing package rather than your render engine. Heck, if you are doing a still, all you need is photoshop!



For the next fx challenge I’d love to try a realistic tornado, super cliché I know, but let’s face it, it’s a very hard thing to get right and therefor: a challenge…

For the next rigid bodies challenge I’d love to do something like for example a character that gets pushed off a set of stairs or something like that. Some object melting would be a good challenge, not really rigid body but hey, should be fun. It’s not much of an fx challenge, but a elaborate system to lower a bridge, with levers and chains and stuff like that, all for it…


Shapeshiftig Monster would be interesting.

A person transforms into a werebeast, perhaps while being chased through woods or similar, adding the additional challange to create an effect that doesn’t break in different poses.


OMG i was going to post that :slight_smile:

Anywayz a Tornado challange would be great with things flying in the air and stuff… great :thumbsup:



I really like the more mechanically oriented contests. Such as the past rollercoaster challenge and the current Moonshot challenge. So maybe an challenge were you have to build an:
-working engine
-another rollercoaster challenge[size=2] (because one is not enough)[/size]
-the rising of the titanic
-mission to mars
-space combat
-tank battle
-futuristic weapon test


More future topics:

[li]The Shootout[/li][li]Angel Wings[/li][li]Invisible man[/li][/ul]-R


I’d like to see the challenges be more open ended as far a subject matter, just give us a word or phrase and let us get creative.
Some examples/suggestions:
The Ocean


Angel Wings sounds fine by me…

how about… ehmm… Anime Cartoon styl something… mixing real with cartoon… or i dont know anything similair?


how about disintegrating angel wings :wink:


How about a magician doing a trick? [you could really ham it up] Have a magician change someone into an alien or something for the hybrid.:twisted:


Ok more topics…
[li]The Building is on fire[/li][li]My Ship (Virtual sets)[/li][li]The Hangar (Set extension)[/li][li]City in the Sky[/li][li]Haunted House…(Sky Replacement)[/li][li]My town as a battleground[/li][li]My town 100 years ago[/li][li]My town 100 years from now[/li][li]Mech Combat[/li][li]Telekinesis[/li][li]The Stadium Crowd[/li][li]holographic display[/li][li]Twins[/li][li]The haunted Manor[/li][li]The ghost ship[/li][li]The sand Storm[/li][li]Monster Mouth (VFX makeup)[/li][li]The Big Freeze[/li][li]The Flying Car[/li][/ul]-R


All for 100 years ago! And Telekinesis


“The Ultimate Punch”? Trying to animate a punch with the most visual “oomph” … could do it for kicks too.


How about a failed carrier landing - how badly failed depends on you…

This could be from any era since the inception of carrier born aircraft.

A tank crashing through a wall

Gigantic hail like in The Day After Tomorrow

A bullet ripping through some office furniture

Energising figures appearing or disappearing

The leaning tower of Pizza falling over

A ship striking a large bridge

I’ll stop now:)


“It fell from the sky”


invisible men i love that… what about … OMG i have super powers!


I like the superpowers topic A LOT. One cool ide is to do a fight WITH Superpowers.


indeed great topic! looking forward allready :applause:


I’m ready and waiting for the next rigid body challenge

 Some ideas

       -Building demolitions

-Blowing things up
-build a complex motor/engine driven vehicle
-MORE projectile tossing machines!
-multiple legged spider like mechanical machine thingymabobers

  • build a machine to walk or roll a provided obstacle course


I like that suggestion, that way I can still use my telekinesis :slight_smile:

When’s the next challenge starting btw?