The scene where garfield messes up the livingroom, every bit of furniture comes down, that might be a thing to do with dynamics… could be fun

For those who haven’t seen garfield. Garfield’s home alone and mad at Jon for some reason, he knocks a rubber ball accidentally against a lamp, which falls down against something else and so on.


The worlds most advanced coolest looking most complex Perpetual Motion Machine!


The Best Griswalds Family Christmas home. AKA best decorate christmas house.


best Fireworks show, with sound to ring in the new year.


I like the explosion idea Acantarel posted. Though its kind of like the avalanche one that was just done. Using particals.

I also like the tornado idea.

A non animated challange would be nice, for those using 2d apps. Compositing and such. Like making a still photo of a rainy day or something. that could be done in both 2d and 3d apps.

one other idea. a wierd object is selected, (ex. - a belt clip for a phone) and the contestants have to make it into a convincing real world object. A building, car, boat, or something. The goal is to try and make the wierd object look like it belongs to the model created. The wierd object must look like the one given (shape) but could be textured to fix the contestants model
Anyone think thats a good idea?


Why do people always want to see destruction?
i would like to see the opposite, a construction based fx theme.

Or the “Perpetual Motion Machine” SuperMax mentioned


Maybe because blowing up things is so much more fun :smiley: Kaaabooom.

Regarding Robertos idea for a compositing challenge, what about the old “bring some life into a still” - meaning that you’d have to create an animated matte from a still picture.
Or turning a day shot into a night shot.
Maybe we should see who creates the best “beaming” effect. That would be really old-school.


If we are on the explosion route, I think this explosion takes the cake:

Any takers? Oh, and yes I think we would have to animate people running from pieces of falling whale… Ummmm, I think we can do without that part actually… :slight_smile:



hi all,
i was thinking why not we try to make a tsunami… get a scene somewhere nearby ur house or a city or whatever, and see what tsunami can do to u.
there are a lot of sites and blogs out there where u can find video of destructive tsunami.



Goodness. That sounds just a little cold and exploiitive to me given recent events.


Sorry but the tsunami aint gonna happen.



Here it is:

A large tornado wreaking havoc in a large farm setting. There are so many dynamics in a scene like this, I think it would be perfect.:deal:


Some future topics:
Ok depending on the success of the Comp wars, I have in mind other
subjects we can try.

The Invisible Man, Twins, Disintegration,
Power Beams and Adaptive Cammo.

For environments I have in mind things like:
Set extensions, The room is on fire, The snowfall, The rainstorm, My city 100 years ago
the quake…


Things I’d love to see:

[b]2D-3D Interaction
[/b]Sort of inspired by Escher's "Drawing Hands" and "Reptiles". Could also include things like vehicles or people stepping out from a billboard into the street or out of a movie screen into the audience.
[b]Localized Temporal Distortion
[/b]Time elapses differently for different elements of a scene (preferrable with interaction across the time-speed borders). Things such as a person climbing on a flock of birds frozen mid-flight (or in slow-mo), or dodging through a crowd of people in "reverse", or objects moving between different time-flow settings (like through a some sort of weird force-field).


sweet, the localized temporal distortion idea sounds very interesting. That opens up a lot of possibilities for the effects themselves.


More comp wars topics :
[li]The shootout[/li][li]War machines in the city (Tanks, Helicopters etc)[/li][li]Digital stunt double[/li][li]Flash freeze[/li][li]Missing limbs[/li][/ul]-R


How about an old trap trick? You know, like in old cartoons (Tom&Jerry, Coyot etc) - when someone brush against the rope and all the system starts - small falling ball that switching water taps, water goes along half-pipe to the scales etc etc and finaly - some explosion or something else… Well something like that :slight_smile:


Yeah I’d like that!


SUPER heroes in a city fight !! imagine superman vs… ?? … ?? a BAD superman … lol …


Didn’t that happen in one of the superman films?:shrug:


I am starting to get into “Match to Live Action” projects. I have found them very rewarding because they test you on a range of skills from not only matching your camera, but to lighting and compositing as well. I just did two projects where we duplicated an existing object in the scene and modeled, lit, and composited it so that the viewer was unable to tell which object was real and which object was fake. I did one using a still photo and another using a moving camera. My lighting and compositing skills tripled from these two exercises.

I think this a good idea for a future challenge and it also gives a lot of direction of what specifically to do.



Like the idea of the “Match to Live Action” project, BUT wouldn’t the results be highly dependent on the render engine you own?