Hmm odd indeed but mabe a good idea hey?

Oh if anyone wants to do an ailen ship try this may help for ideas.


well well well… lotsa ideas. now i am just waiting for it to start. I hope i can participate at this one :smiley:
waiting waiting…
when is it starting by the way ya?


so when we going to keep off the animation…



i think a gigantic Tsunami would be good.


Thats a tidal wave isn’t it?


Maybe a sequence of an upcoming submarine? First the periscope goes trough the watersurface, then the tower and after that the whole submarine.

But this will cause in a lot of problems I think :rolleyes:
No idea how to solve this in one month.



The destruction of the frozen T-1000.

Somebody gives out the model of him so we can be sure that everybody has the same model to destroy.
So we can have an eye on the dynamics and not on the character modeling skills.



guys how bout “A tribute Escher”
build a structure that looks like eschers waterfall concept
a bit of optical illusion one might say

this should be doable in 3d … and might give some nice twist off’s
and some realy original idea’s

this could be animated aswell as still

just how u interprate it …

some examples

examples here


Try doing a nuclear sub bursting out the water. I’ve got a picture of that as it is really quite impressive.:smiley:


and what about a pinball animation? could be funny(…) to set up dynamics for such things… :slight_smile:


Hmmm, i thinks someones already tried that, still could be a laugh i suppose?


Tornado crashing buildings will be cool :shrug:


I like the dominos Idea.

And the Rube Goldberg idea would be good. Sort of like that now famous car commercial, I think it was a Subaru or SAAB commercial.

Other Ideas

-Best Car Burnouts animation.

-Unusual Camera angle shots. Weird one sort of like the shots we saw on Robin Hood Prince of Theive, With the Camera on the shooting Arrow and the camera following the arrow. We could do this in 3d where the camera gets placed in an unusual orginal perpective that human eyes never see. I guess thats more suited to a CGtalk contest.

-Cgtalk Miss Universe and Mr Universe Contest :slight_smile: self explanatory. All 3d models ofcourse. No Poser figures. Should be a good test in photorealism and beauty and we get to see which model saves all the worlds children.

-Best Pool/Billiard Shot

-Best Soccer Goal

Actually you could do alot with sports. Slam Dunks, Hole in One, synchronised swimming etc etc etc


mm “reality intruding”

“cosmic horror”

“talking to inanimate objects”

“my imaginary friend”

'whats under the bed"


As someone suggested a few posts before this one, a tornado… I think that’d be pretty cool.

“Twister” - Applicants must create a hyper-realistic tornado, and it must move dust and debris and everything. It must “eat” at least one house, and the house must get sucktioned away gradually (in other words, the house can’t just come off the ground and fly away… it must be destroyed in pieces, and these pieces must become part of the tornado’s moving debris, and may break down even more once inside the tornado.) Debris should appear to collide when moving around inside the tornado. Animals like let’s say a flying cow or two may be included if desired. Also, the tornado may run over a small lake and suck all the water away (changing colour accordingly too). Also lightning and rain may be present. Rain must be particles.

For references…


Sounds familiar didn’t they do somehing like that in Monsters inc.? Anyhow how about something like a huge storm out at sea that could be pretty awsome i’m sure.


I’d like to suggest an international city flyover theme. Comments?


My ideas:

A water park attraction, man/woman goes down with water (wohooo!)
A glass rolling out on a table and goes down and crash
A speakers moving! music and crash! :slight_smile:
A rain storming on a city
A simulation from a great sky to bad sky (good sky sunny goes to dark and storm rain)
A Boomerang!
Macarena dancing… jojojo (fun)
Man goes down because water on the floor…

Sorry about my bad english… :shrug:



Hello all! Maybe some day, we can do this as a topic for a challenge?

Movie here:

This should be interesting enough to get a lot of people to join it.
A lot of rule based particle dynamics, volumetric rendering and action!



Hey are those real, mmm could be interesting when you get past the bit of what the heck are they blowing up!