CgTalk:FXWars! The Big Freeze/Blizzard Challenge:7


You want to freeze Australia, go ahead. Show me the Sidney opera house under 20 inches of snow. In other words, you can do any place on the planet, NY was only an example.



Excellent! Thank you Roberto.


man this is gonna be gr8 challange !! i m not gonna participate in this one.may be i will if i got time. but i will watch the thread… i have one question…is it neccessary to be atleast one live action shot in the movie short? or is it okei if i do everything CG?:shrug:


I no this is going to sound like alot to ask, but i live in england, and it is hard to find massive
buildings like ones in the day after tomorrrow, do you think anyone living in NY or places like that go out and film footage for people who dont have access to camera’s or decent locations:)


Silly question:

Does the Flash Freeze Entry have to involve a city?

I live nowhere near a city. :smiley:


Yeah agreed… plug it!


Is live action footage necessary pls?


Thanks for your effort Roberto, you always put a lot of it for this. A big thank you again.


now this sounds cool:)
great challenge for me to suck in


if some FX master needs modelar for City i am in :wink: , anyone wanna teamup ? :slight_smile:
me = modelar ( enviorment maker ) , he = fx master :smiley:

anyone who wants send me pm :wink: or post here


Nice!.. this sounds pretty interesting. If I find enough time I will join.


omfg! I’ve wanted to do this for so long!


I would be interested in joining a team if anyone is up for it. I am decent enough at modelling and know how to use combustion. Message me if you are or




I’d be interested in offering some lighting and rendering services, to test out my new G5, if anyone is using Lightwave. I’m also up for AE compositing and effects work. I can deliver particles, lighting, etc. Beyond that I don’t have the time or the gear. Send me a pm.


ok so… here goes my post…one more that everyone can see… :frowning:

i can do everything exept particles… i dont know that... would make 3d model of city! have time all day i am free up to 5 hours per day! i work in maya anyone who wants
email me
or pm me bye


For those asking… yes, you have to have live-action footage somewhere in the project. Or more accurately, you must have one live-action composite somewhere, not just a shot of live action cut with CG. This is a compositing challenge, which Roberto stated in the rules.

Roberto can change that if he wants, but as it stands as of this posting… you must have some live-action.


That is why I said that people should work in teams.

Also I have posted a thread for people to post generic live action footage.



i cant work alone ? … i mean i have a team but i like to do this alone .


Yeah I have no problem if you do it alone.



have to be a serious entry ? ar cam be a kind of funny one ? realistic but funny