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Ok I have picked the winners
based on a POPULAR vote and a GUEST JUDGE (at the end of this message)


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Lets see the current winners



Best Animation
[color=orange]ivanisavich ![/color]

Animation: (14mb, DivX)

Alternative Animation Download:
(A quicktime version is here: )…/


And in the voting cathegories;


Best Editing(NEW!): Blasphemy3_d Best Visual Effects (NEW!): Blasphemy3_d Best Overall Entry: Blasphemy3_d
Best Simulation: Blasphemy3_d

AND THE winner!

Best Overall ENTRY!:

[/color]Animation: (Quicktime 23mb)


And I fell that it would be cool to have industry pros come here and give us their input.
So people lets say hi to Jonathan Anderson.


Jonathan Anderson Forensic animator[/size][size=3]


[/size][size=1]Jon is an experienced litigation animator in the field of accident reconstruction, product liability and patent dispute since 1996. His work ranges from 2d illustration to 3d animation and compositing. Case studies have included the Texas A&M Bonfire collapse as well as major manufacturers involved in litigation such as KIA, Suzuki, Ford, Yokohama and NEC. [/size]

Here are his pics and why:

Best Simulation: loran
Best Animation: ivanisavich
Best Editing: ivanisavich
Best Visual Effects: Blasphemy3_d

Best Over All Entry: Blasphemy3_d

Best Simulation: Loran

[font=Verdana][size=2]Animation: (sorenson 640x480)
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#fffffe]I felt the motion was believable. The crush was well modeled and the timing was believable. There is excellent attention to detail such as the tire turns, suspension motion and the secondary animation. The movement of the parts such as the hood, quarter panels, bumper and air dam really add to the realism. The lighting textures were very well done as well. The scene felt like a vehicle driving on a wet surface and in wet conditions. The only thing I would consider adding might be an engine and broken glass similar to the CARCRASH and ivan_crash movie. Some smoke or steam after the collision would be a nice touch as well. The latter suggestions are only aesthetic, not relevant to the simulation. [/size][/font]
Best Animation: ivanisavich

This was a toss up between this movie and CARCRASH. Since I gave Best Over All Entry to Blasphemy3_d, I leaned towards this movie for animation. The robot was a little distracting, but the whole scenario was pretty cool. I was impressed with the vehicle crush and secondary motion.

Best Editing: ivanisavich

Again, this was a toss up between this movie and Blasphemy3_d’s CARCRASH. The different camera angles, positions and focus were well integrated. The sound was awesome. Everything from ambience noise to engine and other mechanical sounds really adds weight and draws you into the piece.

Best Visual Effects: Blasphemy3_d

This animation had a nice gritty feel to it. The lighting and lighting effects were superb. On first run, I did not find anything distracting or obviously inaccurate. I believe the quality of effects created a realistic and believable movie. The sun glare and washout through the bridge was nice. The sun reflections, glares and highlights moving across the metal were incredible. My favorites were over the quarter panel and chrome wipers. Even the lens flares were used sparingly enough not to be distracting. The timing and actual look of the sparks during the sideswipe with the wall was sweet. Having it occur in a dark shadow really helped it pop. Motion blurs and camera depth of field were tight. Smoke and dust was perfect. Blasphemy3_d and ivanisavich created awesome broken/fractured glass.

Best Visual Effects: Blasphemy3_d

This was another toss up between this movie and ivanisavich’s movie. The integration of everything in this piece from sound effects, music, visual effects and animation made this a clear overall entry for me.

I also had our VAR (vehicle accident reconstruction) engineers watch these movies. They loved them and want to know when I am going to start creating this quality! Seriously, these 3 movies had the best motion as far as vehicle dynamics. They also like mJR’s motion and crash sequence. They commented about the doors flying open as a little much and the pirouette at the end was a little extreme. However, they also stated that vehicle accidents are chaotic and almost anything can happen. As in several cases of CG, sometimes reality just isn’t believable as a cg rendering.

A few of the movies I could not give a fair shake due to compression issues or whatever caused playback problems.

Criticisms: Vehicles do not come to a sudden stop without at least some secondary motion. For instance, slight rocking, suspension settling, parts still in motion. Glass does not explode into tiny little pieces. Blasphmey3_d and ivanisavich displayed great technique for windshield and glass break. Remember, the glass is designed for safety and will break in a manner that is less detrimental to the occupants. Personally, I have rolled 3 vehicles one of which was a 60 mph+. Some pieces of glass did fly through the air and stick to me, but the overall windshield and glass held together.

I look forward to the quality of these movies as inspiration to the field of litigation and accident reconstruction. Right now, visual realism is still a little shunned, but we are slowly reaching that point. Especially with the audience of today expecting more and more due to the achievements of today’s artists. As long as the motion can be justified by scientific measure, the sizzle should be as hot as our clients can afford.

Well that is it… Until the next challenge



well roberto is there anyway can we know that who has got how many votes?

or who is ahead in voting process?and on which position we r in voting process?:slight_smile:


Sorry, I cant post that.

The reason is that it might influence the vote.



I believe all entries are great in their own aspect, but the 2 animators that just impressed the hell out me in this was.



I loved the Robot chasing down the car, it added a little fiction to the whole thing, rather than 2 cars crashing…


The Old Muscle cars are awesome, Great detail on the cars, and I loved the roll!

Great job guys


entry #7 is simply amazing


#7 hands down


This is amazing!

I joined CGTalk just when this contest was starting, and I thought to myself “I won’t enter, because the topic is just to hard”.

  Everyone did an amazing job!
  I'm also impressed by the wide range of skills demonstrated by all entries.
  entry #2:

This was amazing! I enjoyed the style, action, and editing. This is the kind of entry I was hoping to see, and was very well done. The running bot was amazing! The hammer bunch that flips the car was amazing! Great job!

  entry #5
  You key framed all the animation, and that's amazing. Great job!
  entry #7

Over all winner. No question about that. Amazing work! The image quality is great. The only entry that used GI. You solved one of the biggest problems with this contest. How to do a realistic crash without getting deep into a simulation. Flipping the car, and then changing the details with each rotation was an amazing idea. It’s so simple and pulled off so well. Great job. Your a smart guy!

  entry #8

This is by far the best simulation in the contest. The only thing is this simulation has a “software” feel to it. It lacks that big crash touch that an artist can give. This is my problem with this kind of contest. The artist against the software tech guys, because you could easily win for most realistic simulation.

I’m impressed that these many people entired this contest. It was a hard topic, and I can’t wait for the next contest. I’m going to entire that one, but I’m not sure I’d win given the skill levels on this board.

  Good like guys!


Different ones was good in their own aspects, but Entry #7 - Blasphemy3_d had the best overall imo. But as said, severeal good ones here. :slight_smile:


I have to say #7 is lightyears ahead of the competition. Good job Blasphemy 3d.


Entry #2 by: ivanisavich - BEST ENTRY EVER!
love the style, editing and that awesome robot!


number 2 is amazing! that cool robot and all!!!


Great job to everyone who finished! It was quite a tough challenge :slight_smile:

Congrats to blasphemy_3d for his insane lighting, as well as michaelJR and Laeng (even though Laeng didn’t get a chance to enter) for the effort they put into R&D.

And thanks for using my pic as the thumbnail for the voting thread Roberto! Hehe…even though blasphemy is clearly going to win, I still got on the frontpage!!! :smiley:



I vote for Entry #2 by: ivanisavich
Overall: 10/10

great VFX


Guys just reminder, you can post here , but the real vote is on the voting page that you can go to bli clicking >> HERE<<



Pity, my vote got lost, didn’t get it that I had to check the options on the side… not so obvious to me. I clicked “vote” thinking I’d be redirected to a page where I could simply choose among the participants… so in the end none’s getting any credits from me, oops.

Anyway, Entry Number 2 from Ivanisavic is simply the best, dunno if there’s any simulation, seems to me all keyframed, but it’s awesome, good cams, great animation, dynamic and rythm is perfect, I really liked it.




Awesome stuff on all accounts.

Since ‘effects’ (as in ‘particle effects’), already has it’s own category (Simulation), i’ll assume “Visual Effects” refers to lighting, rendering, and any comp/post work, in which case my vote for that went to Blasphemy3_d’s astounding piece. I think everything else though has to go to ivanisavich’s entry, which is just awesome pretty much across the board.


I took “Simulation” as things more to do with dynamics, hard/softbodies, solvers, and cloth, rigging car parts to be simulated rather than hand animated, where as Particles were more a Visual Effect because some can be done quickly in post say with combustion or ae…

I guess I took the rules to [font=Times New Roman]literally for Realistic, Fantasy, and Hybrid Entries.[/font]

:slight_smile: "entry #8

This is by far the best simulation in the contest. The only thing is this simulation has a “software” feel to it. "

thanks mustan9 I think what it is lacking, that artistic feel you mentioned is motion blur, camera movement, sets, lighting / texs, and particles. particles is something that I wanted to get in, but ran out of time, all the dirt clouds would really help sell that it hit hard enough to rip up the concrete. I will finish it soon…

I’m going to post some screen shots to show some of the rigs and stuff, maybe help on the simulation votes…

can’t wait for the next challenge… I want to break out the greenscreen… all thought the idea of wearing winter jackets and gloves in the 90 degree weather outside doesn’t sound to appealing. need a willing stooge, I mean partner to help :twisted:

good luck all, love the work from [font=Verdana]ivanisavich and Blasphemy3_d [/font]


Entry 7 by 3dblasphemy is truly inspirational.


Entry number 7 is definantly top overall. Haha… the dirt particles are actually black arrows…


entry #2 got my vote but not because of the animation. the flip looks great as well as the image quality/modelling/rendering but the car hitting the other causeing it to rock like that just looked absolutely fake b/c of the animation. this part is worth reanimating cuz the rest is so good. great work overall everyone.