CgTalk Daily Sketch 547 "Black Moon Rising"


“Black Moon Rising”


Roberto Ortiz

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  • The artist also has to post total length of time it took (Thanks Clanger for the idea) and program used.
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Good luck

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The shadow samurai get’s up for a killing.

bigger version here

More or less 2hrs, Photoshop + Intuos

note: Third in the series of the shadow Samurai (the other are in the speed paint thread). As I saw the topic of the thread I thought I could use it to better characterize my Shadow Samurai. Whenever the Samurai goes out for a killing, a black moon, like the one tattoed on his back, would rise in the night issuing a deadly warning to his enemies.


All early 90s hip hop heads… The first album, and the rise of Black Moon.
Sorry couldn’t resist.
20mins Photoshop.

… Sooner or later i’ll figure out how to post an image that isn’t one of these thumbnails to click on…


30 mins; PS + tablet.


Kboss, if you want to post a proper image, click the little envelope icon above the main message field. A script prompt will come up and you enter the url of your image. In order to do this, you have to upload your pic to some image server. I use imageshack- .

Hope this helps!

P.S- this would be a great topic for enayla.


paperclip: Yeah, it would be cool to see her around!!!


Hello again,
I just found the topic above where Goro was kind enough to share his brushes. This pic started out with just playing with the different types of brushes and kind of became something that could fall into the daily sketch category.
Photoshop, 30 mins or so (lot of random doodling involved :))

Thanks for looking.


25 minutes in PS + Wacom.

Not sure if anyone noticed, but shouldnt this be Daily Sketch #547 and not #546?


painter, 30min, wacom tablet


<1 hour, Painter 9


Hi kboos!
I see you got this thumbnail problem.
I suppose you use the “Insert Image” icon from above, in the toolbar.
A popup screen appears asking you for the URL (location) of your picture.

If this is what you’ve been doing by now, then i think the problem lies in
whitch URL you enter in.

I use for uploading pictures.
After the uploading is complete, it gives me couple of codes/URL’s:

  • Embeddable Code for forums, sites and friends
  • Thumbnail Code for sites and forums and
  • Direct code (read) URL

The last one is the one that i insert in the popup dialiog after clicking
“Insert Image” from this toolbar above.

Hope this helps.




She is known as the ‘black queen’…coupled with a full moon, her coming is hailed as the ‘black moon rising.’ Blood will be shed under her reign.


1hr 20min / GIMP / tablet

Mecha Hate Chimp - Yep it should (good spotting)


sat down with this a couple of times… maybe spent 2 hours on it? not to sure.


What a racial topic :rolleyes: 1 hr in flash
Dimmur -30 minutes that kicks ass. Great colors
Xillion- Sweet job. I like the composition
xodibox- I really like your glowing windows and clouds. You perspective seems to be a bit screwed.


(after sup)


Great work xodibox and audit,

Photoshop, about 45 mins



sorry, double post


GREAT MOONS EVERYONE… and some literal mooning

Crimsonstring I love this one, it has a great texture and atmostphere to it