CgTalk Daily Sketch 376 'The culture of my land'


‘The culture of my land’


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Hmmm, Great topic, i have some ide, but this wont be easy for me! Let’s see what you have guys!



didn’t want to do the standard wooden shoes and marihuana thing.

ahh well…the glorious days of our dutch culture

45 mins, ref used, PSP\Wacom


I don’t want to seem morbid, but I look at the news, newspaper, American culture in general, and this is what I see.
And that’s why I sit on my computer all day, living in my own little world.

Gimp mouse 15 min

PS Very good Cyanid :smiley:


Although we dont run around fighting each other with axes anymore … we are still Vikings At heart (icelandic)

This is my first Daily Sketch post and i hope this will help me improve my drawing skills Im going to try to be active

here it is


Interesting topic, do I go with “Kilts, bagpipes and haggis” or the more accurate “Trainspotting/ deep fried mars bars” version?..hmm.


welcome Gisli! - Good pic



wooden shoes and windmills or a drugaddicted shemale prostitute, hmm though choice.


…ok, seriously, I’d want to do a serious one later, more “cultural”

(there’s a common belief that in spain we always leave all the work for tomorrow…always tomorrow)


Hello everyone, nice topic and nice sketches so far, especially yours Cyanid…
This sketch is called the “Sword Dance”. This dance is only performed on special occasions like for instance on traditional celebrations in the northern parts of Albania. Not as common nowadays…

Ref was used of course…and it took me about 1.5 hours with painter.


Great sketch Cyanid!

Elmasfeo, I’ll tell you what I think of your sketch tomorrow, heheh :smiley:




This is my first submission to CGTalk Sketchgroups or for anything CGTalk related… its a great honour to become part of this and I hope this is up to standard.

Medium: Pencil , Digital.
Programs: Opencanvas 1.1
Time taken: 20 minutes on Pencil, 30 minutes on Colouring


Hey Cyanid, great sketch! Hah, the old days…


I don’t know why I chose to draw something with a car; it was very painful, and still is (my right thumb is half numb and half in pain). Anyway, not everything in Hollywood is a lie.


lets face it, the only thing bigger than americans, are their SUV’s. :applause:

photoshop, 5 min.
I wish i could work more on this, but i have too much work to do.


Hexaditidom, far be it from me to argue with a fellow GIMP user, but that’s the stuff is the dirt that washes off when America takes a bath. (But after seeing Discovery’s Greatest American choices, I’m beginning to wonder.) Our culture has grown from the farmer and the inventor, and that men and women share equally. Therefore I submit the following alternative.

  It was done in GIMP in about two hours give or take.

Cyanid: I love the ship.


fabianv: This piece is more than “up to standards”. It is really great. You’ve inspired me to start a piece with a native canadian in it… stand-by… :thumbsup:


Although I am not a native canadian I respect the aboriginal culture very much. This is a portrait of a chief. I just hope I’ve done him justice.

Oh I forgot: Wacom, Painter… hmmm… hour and a half?? didn’t really keep track of time, I was back and forth a bit.


I searched around a little bit to find some “swe culture”. but didn’t really find anything of use so, I made a so called “dalahäst” (have no Idea what it’s called in english). And for all of you who doesn’t know what that is, it’s the horse… the red horse, which btw took me forever to make (don’t know why, could be the colors, the shape or just beacuse I’m not skilld enought with PS…yet).

Although I have no idea of what it does or where it comes from but here in sweden you see a lot of em.

so the whole trojan horse thingy in the image has nothing to do with swedish culture as far as I know. I just needed somewere to place the horse


30min Sketch 1hr Ps Wacom, wish I could have taken more time - quite busy

The Maori are the native people of New Zealand, fierce warriors who decorated themselves with bone carved of whale teeth, and etched designs or ‘moko’ into thier face, body and buttocks (ouch) even the woman would fight ferociously… here ends the lesson…

Very nice birdybear, cyanid :thumbsup: