CgTalk Daily Sketch 277 "Morning shows no one watches"


“Morning shows no one watches”
Sheep Factory
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I wonder if morning shows no one watches would give rise to a dsg thread that no one visits? :twisted:


Sorry paperclip to disappoint you, but I couldn’t resist to post :rolleyes:

This topic is about TV, isn’t it? I hope I understood the topic right, here’s my try. Here in Finland we have a lot of mobile/cell phone stuff going on in TV when there isn’t anything else to show. All kind of chats, games and competitions you can play with sending a SMS to a certain number etc. I don’t know how common this is elsewhere, but in Finland you just can’t avoid them if you try to watch TV nowadays. So this was the first thing that came into my mind when I saw the topic. Sometimes there’s nobody or just a couple of guys playing the game and it seems quite pathetic.

Photoshop, about 1h, Wacom Intuos 3

PS. Oh, and the Einstein-lookalike in the corner is the newest trend in the business: a floating 3d-head (poorly modelled :)) which speaks aloud the instructions with an irritating syntethized voice. Argh.


It makes me want to cry. Here in Ireland, most tv ads are for cleaning products, apparently to clean up the amount of mud we have. Oh and ads for houses in america (RE/MAX anyone?)


I don’t have TV you mean B*****s! Better luck next time. Or I’ll spoof general opinion.:twisted:


it doesnt need to be a existing show , just make up your own , its more fun :wink:


You’d probably only get this if you’ve seen old school BBC…

Anyhoo… 20mins, Photoshop. (Reference of course)


haha, the test plate, i remember that, do they not have it anymore?

I remember reading an interview in the sunday times about the girl who posed for the test plate, her father was someone high up in the bbc or something like that.
I’m afraid to say you stole my idea, but no worries. I still have RTÉ [size=2]!![/size]

For these with a lot of time on their hands, here’s a series of all the bbc test plates, hahaha.

and here are some from around the world:


Haha funny topic, i thin i’m gonna try this one, there’s bunch of inpiration with french TV also, here they can talk you about anything at 4:00 AM…cook a duck with a delicate raspberry sauce for instance… or they try to sell you the pan that they use…


I remember aimlessly changing channels around 4am one night and falling upon a German program where a camera was set in front of a train so that you’d see rails and landscape on and on, and on and on. This was so amazingly boring that I had to watch it for about two hours before my eyes could believe it and I fell dead asleep.

it feels okay relating this cause I can’t imagine myself sketching rails and landscpape tonight - I’d fall head first on the wacom :smiley:


I really don’t like how it turned out, but oh well.



funny topic, I don´t know if I´ll have the time to sketch something.
There are so many things I would like to express in that sketch that I don´t know if I would be able either. F.i. I remember one that was about a doctor that talked about the healthy life and the healthy food and so on… how do I sketch this?!

nice drawings!


~20 mins, ps

[[ I think im the biggest moron on planet earth, ive put a sheet of paper on my tablet (calcomp) and now it feels much better! Before that i even couldnt draw a round shape cause it was too “slick”… good i needed 5 years to realize this :rolleyes: ]]


hehe milho - I fold mine over a couple of times. Makes life soooo much easier.

I started a sketch for this earlier, and after 1.5 hours abandoned it. Ran out of time. And foolishly didn’t save it. :banghead:

But it was a potato newscaster with a window beside its head and some mashed potatoes in it that had a bright red “MASHED!” below it and a news bulletin thingy across the bottom. :shrug:



wow, this is nice. I finally got my grip back when i put a sheet of paper on my wacom. But does everyone do this, doesnt it damage your pen?
btw, nice work guys, currently i got a blackout what to do with this topic…


Nah, paper can’t do too much to plastic. I actually have to replace my paper every so often because it gets grooves in it that the pen then likes to follow. Probably a hazard of doubling up on the thickness, but it works for me. :shrug:



“… Well, it’s this time of year again, James, and I’d like to thank you all for being with me this morning for the 12th international oyster racing tournament here in Arcachon…”

Photoshop CS+ wacom, 1,5hrs

I’ll try that paper-on-the-tablet technique next time :slight_smile:


on second thought, it only works out well when you sketch very loose but for detailed work i think plastic is better.


Are you talking about putting a paper over the tablet? or in between the plastic base and the plastic fold?
I´ve never tried the first, but the second feels more comfortable and less hard than just the plastic, but I usually draw directly on the plastic with no paper (but I am no reference because I can´t draw properly with the tablet yet).


pencil, paper, composed in ps, 30 min

nice work everyone