CgTalk Daily Sketch 275 "Get well soon Enayla"


Quote from Enayla last post :
"I won’t be posting any new pictures for at least a week or so though. My right hand is out of commission. I heard my cat howling on the balcony early this morning and went to check what was going on - he was so loud I was afraid he’d wake the neighbours. There was a cat right outside and he was screaming at it, so I thought I’d just lift him up and bring him in.

Mind you, Azrael is a complete darling, he would never hurt a human on purpose. Other cats, though, he hates with a vengeance. Unfortunately, I forgot to give him a warning when I approached and when I picked him up, he thought I was an attacking cat :confused: the result was me in the emergency room this morning, and my hand being swollen and hurting beyond belief right now. I’m just sitting around crying because it’s so damn painful, those teethies of his went in deep, and he scratched the arm up all the way to the inside of the elbow. I’m typing this with my left hand, I can’t even move the fingers of the right one :confused:

I just wanted you guys to know I’m not abandoning you or anything, I just need to let the stupid hand heal before I can do any painting. Evil cat :("
“Get well soon Enayla”
Roberto Ortiz

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Painter 7, roughly 20 minutes.
I know this isn’t much, but Enayla has been one of my top admired artist so I just have to come up with something. Hope you are feeling better now, Enayla. :slight_smile:


nice depth and colors there Hammy_W

well Enayla, hope you join us soon…

PS + wacom 15min, wish I had a little more time though


Painter/Wacom, half hourish


After the rain comes the sun :).

Edit: Wacom, 30 min, photoshop


15 mins.
Hope you get well soon, Enayla!


We’ll all miss your contributions here Enayla. So I drew something to speed your recovery. Try some of my Healo-Cream.

less than an hour - painter/photoshop

Hope you’re feeling better soon.


perhaps executed a bit too dramatic. But its true you always surprise me over and over again with your awesome works damn …couldnt Azrael pick your leg instead? just kidding :wink:


Dang! That sounds like a scene right out of the latest avatar wars. Get well soon!
How’s Azrael doing by the way?


Great story - can imagine Enayla doesn’t appreciate it much now. Did this real quick. Would’ve liked to paint it in, but - no time right now…


No much time lately, so a quick one for a Enayla. Hope you amaze us again soon!!!

45 min painter&wacom


I hope that your hand will heal very soon. My picture is not what you deserve but I did my best =)


So sorry to hear about your mishap! Get well soon!!!


Get well soon, Enayla! :slight_smile:



this took me about two hours in photoshop; I know I have to practice more with light and shadow :slight_smile:

Dedicated to Enayla :thumbsup:


No time, no skill, but I couldn’t pass up a well wishing to such a talented young lass. An artist injuring her hand is like a bird injuring a wing:

Hope you heal fast Linda.


Attention people, one of the ants is about to make a speech, Shhhh!

PS + Mouse = 20-25 Minutes


Dear Enayla, I’m a very bad 2d artist and I post here a quick picture (1h in ps) to show everybody that this forum needs your work (try the left hand, your mouth, anything). If you can’t get back soon, there will be many bad illustrator coming like me.

I need good pictures, it’s my daily food.

IT was my first post in this thread and I hope for you the last :slight_smile:


really quick one this time. (5 min, illustrator + tablet) -
now, Enayla, I’m not sure whether or not you are familiar with the concept of norwegian milk chocolate, but it is in my opinion the most healing thing no matter what pain one suffers. Get well soon!


Always look on the bright side of life ** ** ** **
Always look on the bright side of life ** ** ** **

15 min.
2 pencils 1 hb 1 3b

Get well soon…