CgTalk Daily Sketch 27 : "Something Wicked this Way Comes"


Today’s topic:

Something Wicked this Way Comes” by the LSUWest
<<Click name for book description>>
Posted July 1st 10:00 US EST

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All these good books that i must read!!!

painter / photoshop / 45mins


[b]Hi all
I haven’t read this book either, but it is good they have titles in which you can conjure up a scenarios.
15min ink and pen/15min PS

This is my scenario: You are walking through the woods with that little old psychic lady from Poltergeist and she grabs your arm and says ‘Oi something wicked this way comes’.
Little do you know this thing is rushing at you…fast!

I will edit this later and mention my FAvorites.


Photoshop, 1 hour 40 minutes.

Haven’t read this book either, I’m afraid. Science fiction isn’t really my bag.


well here’s mine…unfortunately i ran out of time!! Also I haven’t had the pleasure of reading this book, but i can still take part :bounce:

might be able to do some later

please say if you like it…this is my second wacom drawing, i need encouragement!


Lots more about the book here


Teom-really nice as usual

DanubuKa- I really like the feeling of movement and the character

drawMonger-Really like the water color feel, did you do that part in painter?

Id really like some critques on this one

about 1 hour and 30 minutes in photoshop.


thebigxer: Looks good, the fuzzy foreground gives it a nice sensation of depth, and the red eyes a good focus. If you want some criticism though, I think it would look better if the horizon was curved the other way, as you are looking up towards the creature. Now it looks a little like it is crawling up from a hole or something.

drawMonger: Scary. Took me a few seconds to see the reflection.


I sort of vaguely remember being a kid and being totally scared of this movie. In retrospect I find it odd now to think that Pam Griere was the witch… but at any rate I was totally freaked at how it was a Disney production too.

Ever since then oddly enough, I’ve had an aversion, much like Austin Powers to “Carnies” [little hands… eew].

anyway… Mr.Dark.

I’d like to have had more time to put a detailed carusell in but whatever… just a sketch.

1.5 hours.
Wacom Tablet 4X5, and mouse


Well, I’ve never seen the movie and I’ve only read the first chapter of the book (if that) so I don’t entirely know what it’s about. This is just what naturally comes to mind when I think of the title.

Painter. Approx. 2.5 hours.


SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES; I took this photograph of my backyard through a glass window and this is what I got! I cropped it and used the PS Watercolor filter on it. It took only a few minutes. I call it Werewolf’s Dream. Now I’ll have nightmares again tonight. Eeks!


missed a couple, argh I am far too busy. I wish I had more time for this. Maybe I’ll suspend my study for a few months to master the techniques some more.

anyhoo… I read the summary and made this. Seems to be a cool book to me.

2.15 H | PS


1 hour in photoshop (:

the movie version of this book wasnt bad :open_mouth: aklthough i havent read the actual book, i wonder if it compares or is a lot better than the movie? (which is usually the case:\ )

completely different interpretation here… (:


30 minutes, photoshop & wacom


In Boston, the word “wicked” is slang for “very”. So I’m thinking Something Wicked Awesome This Way Comes, or Something Wicked Big This Way Comes. I’ll keep you posted how this all turns out. Ladycrowe - I think your character has that perfect air of mystery that fits the story well. Nice job.


PS7 & wacom screen
30 minutes

“I don’t care Jesse, that’s not proper English”


Lots of great posts. I read about the book, so I’m shooting for “close to topic” on this one. I saw something about a wicked carnival, so here’s a wicked carnival game. JW Gacy was referenced for the clown face.

Drawn and base colored in Illy 10, detailed in PS7, 'bout 2 hrs. Good times.


Awesome PC!


Mine for today.

PS & penpointer 2 H



About 45mins/Painter/Wacom with reference. Tough one this, went with the book cover look again but havent read the book, found this about Mr Dark & went from there.

“Mr. Dark - The major evil character in the book, Mr. Dark is the Illustrated Man. He is covered in tattoos and each tattoo allows him to exert some power over the figure that is represented. He feeds on pain and destruction and wants nothing less. Mr. Dark is afraid of nothing except the good that Charles Halloway uses to defeat him. He is tremendously strong and intimidates people, inspiring fear when he wishes to. The freaks at the carnival are completely within his power, and he uses both manipulation and force to bend people to his will.”

PowerChild - looks great
Scott Harris - haha like it
ladycrowe - nice expression
lthebigxer - like the texture of this
TeoM - nice take on the subject
grouse - coming along, keep going :thumbsup: