CgTalk Daily Sketch 2064 NTL "hmm... to much tv"


“hmm… to much tv”

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I think worth mentioning that he does not a lot of flies on his hand for some inconspicuous reason; the thing going on on his hand was supposed to be the “white noise” of old tvs when they’re out of tune with a station, but I couldn’t make it much clear in 10m.


Here’s my fat cat and TV head owner watching too much TV:

PS and Tablet



“hmmm… too much tv”

PS, about 90mn… and forgot the left hand … :stuck_out_tongue:


Great topic
elmo3d - hahhahaha -great Idea…


Heres my attempt - Dint notice time - But I guess it took somewhere around 1.5 hrs


Elmo and Sandsekh: fantastic pieces :slight_smile:
Here’s mine (Photoshop, around 100min, based on a song fragment, quoted below):

   And when they found our shadows
    Grouped around the TV sets
    They  ran down every lead
    They repeated every test
    They checked out all  the data on their lists
    And then the alien anthropologists
    Admitted  they were still perplexed
    But on eliminating every other reason
    For  our sad demise
    They logged the only explanation left
    "This species  has amused itself to death[/i]".
     _____Roger Waters - [i]Amused To Death[/i]


Really nice concept and artwork elmo…

Like sandsekh’s version but am not sure what it is referring too?
Are those guys cat burglars, Ninjas, or ?

Her0d - great idea and artwork. I think this is our future. To be amused to death by our own technology…


Her0d - Great image!

brookselliott - Tried to show, how easy it is to catch someone’s attention on TV by burglars breaking in, and getting engrossed with whats happening on the idiot box - but yeah, somewhere along as I painted, it kinda got lost.:shrug:
My Original sketch also had a dog and a man’s portrait on the wall, also watching the TV.


Here’s another version I had in mind:

Kids are way too connected to TVs


sandsekh - awesome idea man
Her0d - great mood and colors, and sad but so true


1h :arteest:


I havent paint for years! So im trying to be more motivated now :slight_smile:
I had same idea in the beginning than Advarsky so I painted little extra.


pencil - 30 minutes

I will do a digital version when I get a chance.


and it’s absolutely brilliant :applause:
a perfect concept in time as well considering the iPad release


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