CgTalk Daily Sketch 1952 55mn "The Office"


“The Office”

For those who like to keep track of the amount of sketches they have done, dont forget to download you rown DSF scorecard:
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You have 55mn for your sketch. IF you go beyond the assigned time limit , you have to post WHATEVER you have done after the time has expired, along with the FINAL drawing.
NEW RULE: You may also re-post a copy of your finished drawing a this forum:
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[li]Post only your FINAL piece on this thread, based on the topic on the thread.[/li][li]Only final pieces can be posted on the thread. They must have been done AFTER the topic has been announced.[/li][li]RESOLUTION : The image can have any aspect ratio up to 800 x 600[/li][li]They can be done on any medium.[/li][li]If you wish, you can a dd a brief text description about your piece.[/li][li]Only original compositions. No “tributes” or plagiarizing, unless is it an integral part of the challenge.[/li][li]You can post an entry at anytime for the topic presented on this thead BEFORE the voting thread for THE WEEK has been posted.[/li][li]The artist also has to post total length of time it took and program used.[/li][li]Any piece caught breaking the rules will be taken off the thread.[/li][li]The topics will be picked at random from the list on the TOPICS thread >>LINK<<[/li][/ul]


Working late hours in the job… not good. :slight_smile: Ive done this in 50 min. Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


i love your brushes. would you be willing to share?


CP + PS, ~50mn


40 Minutes in photosohp


Brokenreality, did you get the memo?:slight_smile:


cs4; 50 minutes


Karkof, was it about my terrible grammar? If it was, then yes…


Frantic 70 min… Photoshop.

And another half hour while waiting for a d/l, an office I’d like to have…


Nah. I was talking about your TPS report. I’ve only ever heard of TPS from that filim Office Space. Yet to work in an office myself, I might have interpreted TPS incorrectly.


Yeah there’s a few different Office Space References in there. I’m really hoping someone does a drawing of the Fax/copy machine they destroy. I wanted to get it into mine but I was a little pressed for time.


pencil and paper 30 minutes


I expected to see Steve Carrall and other mentions from the tv show, but I was also on the Office Space wave of thought. For all those memos that need stapling, watch out!

55 mins in Painter


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