CgTalk Daily Sketch 1816 60 mn "The Hills"


“The Hills”

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Pencil and paper, it took an hour and I ran out of time it really isn’t finished. It is a HILLbilly playing “The hills are alive” harharhar.


looked better in my head, 'spose everything does eh?

my first entry, hope to improve by participating, thanks for having me ^^



Photoshop 48mins


Despite being so tired, I managed to get this done woohoo 60 min photoshop


My try, typical landscape with hills, approx 45min.


Inspired by the music number: D12 - Purple Pills ! 60 min, tablet, Photoshop CS2


ejuliot: I can practically hear the song, but from Deliverance, actually. Style fits! :wink:
theanswer07: That could’ve really deserved some more attention and a bit more drama, but I really like the simple figure and tree… I’d almost want to see a bigger contrast between the sharply rendered main interest and the rest, which could’ve been gradually more and more suggested only. Neat idea, really!

dman3d: Ah, what a great idea, I would’ve wanted that one, too. Nice style and pallet! Love the feel of it. It almost seems commercial in some way, like an advertising for an antidepressiva, hahahaha… or something of that kind. :surprised …excellent! :bounce:

DreamMaster: Yup, very dreamy! The colors are ambitious somehow, but very interesting. It needs to be seen by itself or in a series that compliments its spectrum. I like the grandeur of it!

pixelartist: Oldschool, YAY! :bounce: …it’s hills, alright! :smiley:

Deje3d: Awwww, how cute. A moment on synthetic drugs can make you share so much joy. :wise:

Alright…here’s mine. I’m in the mood to push a little against the overwhelming denial these days, but try to put it gently. It took me longer to write the comments above than to make this image…

(24min, Artrage, “A safe place to be.”)


Yea i figured ;D

Somehow your image make me feel, the person how is viewing also took drugs :smiley: Im not quit sure what are cloud and what are hills in your picture, I’m not sure if you ment to make it that way? If not maybe you should have it in your mind next time. Really good sketch, i like it a lot. When you paint, do you paint in Black/white and add colours later on? or do you start out with colours?

Taron said a lot of good things. Maybe you could have chosen a other angle, to make the hill more interesting. A lot of times, a front view is very boring. A nice first sketch ;D

Very nice mood. I miss some hint of detail at the castle? Or a focus point, I’m not quit sure where i should look.


Taron333 and Deje3D: Thank you for your comments… yeah I kinda thought there was no focus point, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it have a focus point… I’m kinda weak in composition sometimes… any suggestion on that one? :slight_smile: thanks again! I’m glad you both gave comments :slight_smile: I was too exhausted to do so and still is a bit (recovering from surgery here)


Uuuh, clouds, that’s a neat idea, hahaha… yeah, it kinda looks that way, doesn’t it. I just made some quick hills and lit them a bit too dramatically, I guess. But the idea of ground and clouds melting like that makes it really curious, too. It also makes the stylized trees look like stylized smoke stags… curious indeed.
Guess you took the uppers and I took the downers… LOL! :scream:

Well, you’ve already placed it according to the golden ratio. Now go for the focus of it and work details into that, which just fade way around the focus. I can see how the large tower section could get some fine details and radially less…
On the opposite site, the lower left focal point I would intensify the ground fog behind the hill to emphazise that it all is about “Hills”. That’ll help to bind it back into the topic and actually helps to give orientation.

Normally, what makes pictures strong is if they are understandable. If you pick the key aspects you want to show and make them as clearly readable as possible, you’re getting closer to a winner. Then you can play, too. Consider yourself as the tour-guide, you know. Lead people around to where you want them to go and make the important stations for the eye progressively more and more clear. You can even send them on rollercoaster rides, send them close to a steap edge or even make them fly. It’s how you stick out your route for them. But you should not get carried away and avoid confusion unless that is the point of the image, but it’s very challenging to make that attractive. Even there you normally have your clarity, only that its a bit more hidden.
From concept art to classics, this is and has always been a method to make images work for a viewer. Even in complete abstraction it only really starts working if its point comes across strongly. That’s where your intuition, empathy and imagination have to converge.


nice works guys :slight_smile:

photoshop, ~25mn


Nice stuff everyone. Creedo that is sweet, Dreammaster too. Good form.



Thanks dman3d :smiley:

Taron333, other million thanks to you too for helping me out :wink: I really appreciate that. I’ll keep that in mind! Actually I tried to do that with old man and the sea one. :smiley:

Anyways, to everybody else, really great entries, I would give you all individual comments, but I’m too exhausted. I think great entries pretty much sum up what I would say anyways. So, pretend it’s for you personally because it is. Great one! :applause:


Photoshop 45 min


50 min… PS



Good works, everyone.


This one was a struggle for me, think I’m going to practise landscape painting :slight_smile:

Photoshop CS 60 mn

All very nice entries, I will try to comment next time when I post :wink:


:)Some imaginary stuff without ref.
Took a little bit longer than an hour. used PS.