CgTalk Daily Sketch 1815 50 mn "The Expedition"


“The Expedition”

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You have 50mn for your sketch. IF you go beyond the assigned time limit , you have to post WHATEVER you have done after the time has expired, along with the FINAL drawing.
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sorry RobertoOrtiz i didnt get a reply but i hope its ok.



i know its not very complex for 50mins but everyone has to start somewhere right? :hmm:


Photoshop, over shot it, 62 mins. Ice got me buggered.


Pencil, paper, touched up in ps, around 50 min.


spent too much time on the detailing and trying to get things “just right”
I need to learn to be looser
perspective is off
all well… its was a learning experience… on to the next
see yall tomorrow


12 minutes, pencil.

Scan sucks. :expressionless:


Photoshop, over 50 minutes.


Very nice ejuliot, like the movement in your drawing

mine …one hour photoshop cs


photoshop, ~30mn


Creeto: I really love your bright mood one… I needed that. :smiley: The textures there are very well done. I should learn how to do that! :wink:

Wexter: Very nice one! This mystic style is my favorite… I have a thing for that! :wink: One question though, what’s that waning moon shape? Is it a gate opening up or? I can’t figure that out lol. Otherwise awesome coloring and idea.

dofrman: Your sense of movement is mad here man! I love it!

FourthirtyFive: He definitely looks tired from all that trip! :wink: Keep on going.

ws6nick: Keep on practicing, just try to put everything in ONE idea, like put one perspective line to help you in syncing all objects. :slight_smile: And yeah keep on practicing it’ll help a lot. :smiley: Keep going!

ejuilot: I love the feeling! :smiley: Good drawing!

dman3d: lol ice is surely hard to nail down, keep on going becuse I love the idea… maybe next time you finally manage to nail it down… who knows.

godslove: nothing is too simple in art… :wink: I really love the colors and all. You did it well. It’s good to practice from references, I admit I dont do that :frowning: i should do that more often.

Heres mine!
Photoshop 50min


DreamMaster: Thanks. Nice color.


thanx for the encouragement DreamMaster…and great piece btw! i like how u expressed the mood and still made it look so easy :thumbsup:


1 Hour 30 Minutes
Photoshop CS3

30 Minute Snapshot (The other 20 minutes were part of blocking out the channels for coloring):



That is my wife! She shames me when it comes to drawing.


50 mn, Painter X, Wacom.
I hate drawing mountains. And helicopters.


Great paints everyone! I particularly like yours fdiskart i love the style, and here’s my contribution unfinished.

50min PS


Wow, some excellent pictures here!

Wexter: You rock! your style is so recognizable and strong. It’s always a pleasure!

Creeto: Beautiful concept style sketch…love the glaring brightness, like a thin veil of dust more than haze. Nicely eery!

DreamMaster: That image kinda stops me in my tracks, if I let it work itself into my head. Wonderful color pallet and so moody. It’s almost creepy in some way. Either that or incredibly romantic, I can’t quite make my pick. I suppose I’m supposed to be the car that had to stop… but well, guess I skip telling the obvious, but if anything, it’s worth giving that one a moment to look at!

fdiskart: Class, real class. Love the style, love the sense of substance of the paper and medium. Great style, too… very professional.

Here’s mine… a bit of a different take, I guess… :slight_smile:
(I think 40min, Artrage)


Beautiful Taron333 lol that’s certainly a different take of the expedition for sure. Unique concept for sure. I love your color use and the texture artrage gives in this one. :slight_smile: Aqua/blue color really give it a nice cool touch to the feeling. Thank you for your compliment btw. :slight_smile: I try. :wink:

godslove: No problem :wink: And thank you too.
dforman: Anytime. :slight_smile: And Thanks.


Photoshop CS 50 mn


dreammaster, i like your style. you make it seem so easy. then again, you’re probably saying “it is”…
i was going to copy a photo, but i chickened out and then crapped this one out. photoshop 30 min.