CgTalk Daily Sketch 1751 NTL "The Thing on the Subway" PHOTO EXPERIMENT


HEy guys, we are going to try something different today…

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“The Thing on the Stairs” PHOTO EXPERIMENT

You have NTLfor your s ketch. IF you go beyond the assigned time limit , you have to post WHATEVER you have done after the time has expired, along with the FINAL drawing.
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(The author will be given credit). So guys keep them coming


Gimp 2.6, 30mins

Subway Ninjas


I just put a strange women in the empty seat…
All done with clone tool in 45m…


40 Minutes


I like AzoiC’s, particularly the ninja looking over the shoulder, lol.

PS, 30 mins.


About 40 mins. PS CS3


is that thing …dancing disco @@ ??..well as long as hes happy i guess >>

about 45 mins in photoshop


Interesting topic for my first go at this here :slight_smile: 50 mins in Photoshop (and yes, i have no idea how the nature of this image would work on a moving subway train either :smiley: )


Interesting topic for my first go at this here :slight_smile: 50 mins in Photoshop (and yes, i have no idea how the nature of this image would work on a moving subway train either :smiley: )
well idk how moving the train will be if any of the above thingys would have been on it :smiley:


This was fun. I love blobs.


Oh doh, I forgot to keep track of time, but the total estimated time taken to paint is approx. 60 minutes. Photoshop.

I had fun… maybe I overdid it, but hey, I had to be original… I thought it’s a huge irony that by society’s view, meditating or any similar practices are considered unacceptable especially on that train. With that following said, I just wanted to express how society still suppresses one way to other. That’s how it manifested.

Great sketches everyone, and for the first one, I love the dude looking over the shoulder! It’s the best part! :smiley:


You may think I am sick but I have nothing personal against the people in this train, in fact I have my deepest sympathy for them but I can’t help and decided to show you this:).
edit: by the way, my first impression from the photo itself was like “another sh***y day is passing by”


It took about 50 min but I spent most of the time searching for pigeons and composting them.


I used the clone and repair tool most of the time.


hi all. nice to see so good images.

here is my contribute, about 25 min in ps


30 mins photoshop


About 90 minutes.



yours is just absolutely amazing! The creature itself is adorably otherworldly yet realistic and it really merges with the environment.



Thank you, Mu, you’re too kind. :love:It was fun though, that’s the main thing! There are so many good entries here for this one, hope they have more photo challenges…


nice entries, love the one with the pigeons.

40 minutes ps


Photoshop 20 min