CgTalk Daily Sketch 175 "Visions of Russia"


Hm… according to todays entries one would believe the cold war is not over yet.

Anyway, here’s my contribution to the cliches.
3 hours in Illustrator.


ps+wacom 4h
used reference pic

i got the time so i figured i tried a more serious aproach… been a long time since i done that… so this is a 4h result with a reference pic hopefully its worth the time…


my feeble attempt to capture something of Bilibin’s style…

painter / ps / 30mins

Great work all! I esp like Art2, FridayEve and Roberto’s take on this one. made in uterus, that is fantastic work!! :thumbsup:


ps + trust tablet / nearly 2 hours


Art2 and made in uterus these are so cool i could die!!


made in uterus that rocks dude


Thought I’d try doing this one in Painter ix. (found I dont really like the UI).

Painter ix: 2Hrs

Good job you guys.


about 3 hours, PainterIX still testing it.


roberto, you should post more often :wink:
vitriolic, the flavor is definately USSR mate!
depleted, good job on the perspective. And there’s a story behind it too.
GOT, everytime I look at that pic I expect the lil people to move… That pic screams ‘animate me!’
jeroen, I really like your vector work. And that pic not a cliche, it’s a fact… Sukhoi’s and Mig’s do fall apart, especially on airshows :smiley:
madeinuterus, that’s just brilliant man!
drawmonger, finally using some colors, eh? :wink:
cris23, good pose and expression. Used ref?
commodore, don’t die man, I don’t want that on my concience :smiley: Thanks mate!
lordapophis, hold on and some day you can live with the UI. Believe me the UI of my old painter5 was far worse.
keem, you keep that up and I’ll give my levelup-vote to you :thumbsup: this week.

Ok, these are the guys I can see on this page… but I know there were also great ones on the other page. I remember Goro’s (that’s the red square allright! Glad you’re posting more often), and Fridayeve’s.

Keep drawing people!

(man I still can’t catch my sleep after this ‘long’ reply… I’ll be worth shit tomorrow, again)


Art2, now check it… hows that? :slight_smile:


painter 8 - 10 min - whew what a hard topic


GOT: haha, that’s funny man. Sibling rivalry! :thumbsup:


Goro, MtFR, Fridayeve, Art2, Vitriolic, the GOT … Great job guys keep it up


why dows that remind me of southpark? :smiley:


cris23, good pose and expression. Used ref?
thx… and yes i used refs for back- and foreground.
i’m still trying out some methods in ps. the 3 pics i posted were the first i made on the pc.

hope i’ll improve my skill soon. u guys are just so inspirating, its always a pleasure to watch your new entries!

hehe… great!!


Thanks robinayles, Keem!

I particularly liked yours Keem because it makes a good difference from the other drawn girls invading the web nowadays (including some I did too :arteest: ) by that it has CLOTHES on her!!! Which is cool to see something different.

Sorry for the misuse of English, I’m always learning :banghead:

Oh yeah there IS a lot of drinking going on around there. I’m scared like a little girl when I think about how they drink in Moldova (that’s a country that separated from Romania, currently being between Russia and Romania) so damn it must be flowing in rivers farther away in Russia :cry:

PS: no offense intended to anyone by what I’ve said (especially if I’m mistaking) or by what I’ve drawn.


i’m from Russia… :wink: thanks people :wink: it was really fun to realize that all over the world almost everybody still thinks that Russia is a country where only Rasputin, bears, snow and communists :wink: so fun to see that - when you know that it is not so here :wink:


Although it’s very late, and this isn’t a good drawing, I have a huge interest in Russian history and I doodled this up for fun.


No one got the vision of a 6’+ Tennis player?


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